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Despite this, many people — from interns to senior managers — still become victims of workplace bullying. Many workplaces should have procedures and….

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Everyone has the right to work in safety. In fact, your employer has a legal obligation to ensure your safety while at work. But sometimes things go wrong. When can you claim? When we enter the workforce following school, trade school, or university, we immediately start contributing to our superannuation fund. As we inevitably edge closer to retirement age, we all want our nest egg to be as large…. Our client is a young man who came to Australia as a refugee. His English was very poor but he was determined to build himself a new life away from conflict.

Eventually, our Government gave permission for him to work. Having had experience in his native country in the construction industry, he sought employment working…. Our client migrated to Australia in the early 70s. With a young family to support, he secured employment with a scaffolding and plant hire company.

Over the next several years, his work required him to continually bend, lift and carry heavy scaffolding, construction equipment and materials. Never one to complain; by the end of the…. Our client was employed by a labour-hire company who then sent him out to work for various construction companies. On this occasion, he had been sent to assist a demolition company who had the contract to demolish a building in the Sydney CBD.

At one point, he had been using oxy equipment to cut through…. Our client worked in the concrete industry as a labourer. He had spent a lifetime doing extremely heavy work. His day involved physically demanding tasks including shovelling, pouring and finishing concrete, wheeling wheelbarrows full of concrete, bending, lifting, twisting and squatting. A few years ago, he started to feel symptoms of pain in his back….

Our client was a labourer and machine operator working for a company in country NSW. His work involved operating excavators and dump trucks. The work was reasonably light, and our client loved his job. Believing that he was being…. Our client has spent his life labouring in the construction industry. On this particular morning, it was very cold and Workers compensation lawyers sydney. A team of men had been sent to the roof of a new construction to continue with the work. At one point, our client was directed to climb down from the roof using the….

In cases of personal injury, attention is often given to medical expenses and loss of earnings, but those who have been seriously injured will generally require help in all areas of their lives. What is domestic care and assistance? A claim for domestic care and assistance covers the cost of everyday tasks that an injured…. Our client is a young labourer. He was working for a labour-hire company.

The batteries were very heavy, weighing approximately 80kgs each. Our client was required to lift these very heavy batteries by himself…. But when it comes to making a workers compensation claim, missing the deadline could have lifelong consequences. In this blog, we look at the time limits that apply to workers compensation claims and circumstances where there Workers compensation lawyers sydney time limit exceptions. What time limits apply…. Workers compensation in NSW encourages injured workers to return to work as soon as possible.

This is called the return to work program. Enabling an…. On arrival, she set about securing Workers compensation lawyers sydney, learning English and bringing up her young family. She was able to obtain a job as a process worker which meant working very long hours on a process line. For the last twenty-six years, she worked for one company.

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Workers have a right to work in a safe environment free from bullying and harassment and employers have a duty to ensure these rights are upheld. Workplace bullying is a form of harassment and when it….

Workers compensation has been operating in Australia for many years. The scheme is backed by the philosophy that Australians who are injured or become sick as a result of their work should be compensated and helped, as much as possible, to return to their position.

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However, legislation surrounding workers compensation in Australia is…. Many employees carry out their work completely unaware of workers compensation schemes and the legal rights available to them. When an employee is injured at work, they may be faced with 2 separate opportunities for compensation which can lead to some confusion.

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These separate types of compensation are workers compensation and work injury damages…. His job involved him constantly bending and lifting boxes weighing from kgs. His wife and four children are all dependent on him. During the course of his work, he has suffered a of lifting injuries which have resulted in permanent injuries…. Our client has spent a lifetime working as a shop assistant for a leading supermarket chain.

Her job involves Workers compensation lawyers sydney mixture of physical work by way of assisting customers and managerial work supervising others. On one occasion, our client was assisting a shopper. She needed to climb a ladder and retrieve a box from a…. Thousands of Australians are affected by injury and chronic conditions, sustained on the sporting field, in a car accident or from birth.

What is a workers…. Our client was a shop assistant working for one of the large supermarket chains. At this time, she was working at a check-out register serving a customer. The register conveyor belt was faulty. At one point it moved forward causing an item to fall from the conveyor. Our client tried to save the item from…. Negligence is a principle originally established in common law, but now modified and enshrined in legislation.

She is a hardworking loyal employee who has worked for her company for many years. Having completed her duties in the particular section she…. Our client was employed at a supermarket. Workers compensation lawyers sydney the years, she had worked hard and was promoted.

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She loved her job and enjoyed working. Once her children had grown up and left home, she was able to take on an evening role at the supermarket and again received a further promotion. At one point in…. While the systems have changed over the years, the goal has always been the same: a worker injured physically or psychologically, or suffering from a disease contracted or exacerbated at work should be compensated for that injury or disease.

A work-related injury or…. Our client spent the whole of his working life laying bricks. He loved his work. Even though he was well past retirement age, he just loved to go to work and build. On this particular day, he was instructed by his boss to assist a team to build a wall. It was a windy…. In cases of negligence, it is up to the Workers compensation lawyers sydney party plaintiff to prove the defendant….

Our client worked for a Government department here in NSW. She was a hard worker and committed to her job. Unfortunately, she suffered from a medical disability which did not prevent her from performing her duties.

Workers compensation lawyers sydney

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