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The choice seemed preordained.

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Jo was not only an outsider and many readers believe, with good reason, coded queer but an artist. To guide us, provide encouragement, lay her footprints on a path she beckons us to follow. Many who love her say it is in spite of the resolution of her story, and not because of it. The pressure — and desire to keep selling the books that were helping to lift her and her family out of poverty — proved effective.

Alcott resisted the specific match most fans wanted. Jo crushed her best friend Laurie — and the romantic dreams of generations of girls to come — by having her reject his ardent proposal. So it was a small thrill Wanted woman just to jo see how Gerwig — a self-described Jo — offered a small restitution for Alcott and her heroine.

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She does this by turning the film into a metafiction — or what critic Dana Stevens accurately observed is poioumenon — a story about its own creation. Towards the end of the film, Jo is writing Little Women — a book about her own life. She spars with an older male publisher about how to end it. It is a moment of exasperation for Jo that gave me, and I imagine many other single women, a shudder of recognition and a new reason to empathise with Jo. And so, just as in the book, she puts hers in his, they embrace, and the music swells in a self-conscious depiction of a storybook, romantic ending.

In parallel though, Gerwig shows us something else.

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Jo is alone, at a print shop, watching through a glass window like a mother peering into a hospital nursery as her novel — Little Women — is bound and embossed. It is the book that is placed in her empty hands, and she clutches it to her heart.

Both endings feel cathartic in their own way, especially since Friedrich is played by the preposterously sexy Louis Garrel. But there is also romance in the culmination of Wanted woman just to jo triumph. This ending is redress for Alcott, more than a century and a half later. It also felt like a small restitution not only for Jo, but those who watch her. This article is more than 1 year old. Josephine Tovey. Wed 15 Jan Reuse this content.

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