Tips for a one night stand

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Why should you believe me? Okay, to be fair I also approached thousands of women, but still. By the way, have you seen Tips for a one night stand free Transformation Kit? You'll get my best stuff absolutely free: 12 Opening lines that actually work, my 5 best texting tips including copy-paste lines for Tinderand the Friendzone Houdini.

Download the Transformation Kit here. Let me start with a typical story. Typical for me, but not typical for most men, as I realize more and more. Anyway, I was in a casual club in the heart of Amsterdam. I enjoy her stories and her entertaining and at the same time extremely cute Spanish accent. You probably also know men who see a conversation only as a necessary step they would like to skip. We briefly exchange a few words and I then introduce her to a random dude who was just happy enough to be in proximity.

She seems to like him. She notices it and blushes. As we speak, my body is operating on autopilot. In this mode, nothing is more natural than a man and a woman giving in to the attraction they both feel. But those sad times are over. I pull her close to me so that she stands between my legs while I sit comfortably on a bar stool.

In my head we already make love. The club becomes more and more blurry and for a moment everything revolves around us. We talk about what we would do to each other in bed… hypothetically, of course. Yes, there are women with whom you can actually talk about sex so explicitly.

With most of them you have to flirt more subtly, but my Spanish beauty seems to be very open-minded… I like that in women. I ask her where her hotel is. But as she shares the room with two other colleagues, we decide to go to my apartment. The majority of our coaches at AttractionGym have more than 80… that means, there must be a vast of men who have never taken a woman home the same night. They have on average 6 ONS, but the distribution is much less scattered. The question is: What are the different motivations between the sexes to get involved in a one-night stand.

And this is extremely important because at AttractionGym, our goal is to enrich Tips for a one night stand lives of women. We men have sex because we want to have sex. A simple equation that even a 7-year-old rug rat can solve. But in women the sexual motives are more diverse, more complex and more numerous. And more shocking. The reasons are endless. Are you ready? Watch it.

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For many, seduction is a kind of hobby. That means I leave nothing to chance. I explore cities like a Roman commander who plans to conquer them until I know every stone that can be useful in the seduction process. From supermarkets to public transportation…. Most important for this is a relaxed atmosphere. A raging party, good Tips for a one night stand music, many tourists, alcohol and party girls. Ask anyone you meet for the best clubs and bars.

Where I met my Spanish beauty? Good mood is guaranteed there. Whether she goes home with you or not obviously depends on the chemistry and tension between the two of you. This is a of strength and there are no sluts anyway, but women who live out their sexuality more than others. Well, she was there with colleagues and she had to get up very early the next day to go to the convention.

My Spanish beauty was, as already mentioned, travelling with her colleague. The answer to this question is basically irrelevant. Homosexual men are also fantastic wingmen. It serves only as a preparation for this sentence:. You can see everything in life as either a challenge or an opportunity.

Every other man is then either a competitor or a wingman. Many men underestimate how much a woman already likes them. They have problems interpreting the s of female body language correctly. The principle on which you should act is:.

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There are some simple things you can do to create a sense of familiarity between you. For example:. I increased the distance between me and my Spanish beauty ificantly when she said that I was getting too close to her. Hugs, pats on the shoulder and holding hands are standard communication for them from early morning.

This is exactly the mindset you should have. And if you want an ONS, then touch is the most effective way to let her know that you want more than just talking about God and the world. The more you touch her, the more you give her a choice: Sex or rejection?

When I have the intention to take a woman home, one of the first things I do is scan for the logistical framework. When I was in Riga for a week, I had a one-night girl in my bed every night.

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If you believe the statistics, in 7 days I had as many ONS as the average man in his whole life…. My advice to you is to have a Terminator mindset, for that matter. Opportunity knocks, no matter how difficult it seems sometimes. Ask the questions as neutrally as possible. These are extremely positive reactions.

Sex with you. You planted your seeds.

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Okay, never mind…. When I started to extend my nights by one hour, the of my one-night stands tripled, although I did nothing else. The woman cares a fart for Tips for a one night stand, she just wants to have an epic night. If a one-night-stand at the end of the night is another exciting aspect of her nightly adventure, then you have a good chance. But if you want to take her home at 1 a. Sometimes you have to ask yourself: What do I prefer? Sleep one hour longer and never see a woman again or hang out with her for an hour longer and have a great night together?

Yeah, you have to invest that much time sometimes. Sometimes your effort is in vain and it would have been better to get the and press the eject button. Ideally, you should immediately rip off your clothes, as it was the case with me and the Spanish woman. Sit next to her. Massage her. And build her up towards foreplay. Make it as loooooooong as possible. And even longer. It happens that she gets away as soon as possible and never wants to come back. Sometimes you want to get rid of her and make up some excuse…. But it also happens that it becomes a lifelong love affair. Or at least a temporary one.

In any case, you should end the thing with the same vibe as you started it. Many people start behaving strangely after an intimate act. Just click the link here or below and get your Transformation Kit now. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Blog About us Become a dating coach.

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Tips for a one night stand

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How to Have a One Night Stand – Explained By a Professional