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Log in or. Adventure Rider. Riding with my DOG! CruisnGrrlJun 8, There's a couple guys local that sidecar their dogs. I thought about that he's too big and spazzy to ride on the bike so i've been working on a trailer project. Belgian WafflesJun 8, That must be a lot of fun, but I would fear for my baby's life! I wouldnt want to hurt my pooch in case of an accident or get off. I would love to ride with a dog though How come nobody takes their cat? Hurricane BobJun 8, Ok, but how do I get my 60lb pointer to ride on the back of my yz?

RedMenaceDec 3, Sidecars are the way to go! I know a woman over on the Olympic Penninsula who carries her 55 pounder around on her HD. Pretty sweet! ADV Sponsors. ed: Aug 19, Oddometer: Location: Twin cities mn. I plan on trying the milk crate with a pillow for the dog, but I Swf motorcycle passenger wanted want to take her on a long trip.

But I've wondered if I could take my cat on a long trip, mainly because he doesn't do Swf motorcycle passenger wanted when I'm gone for a long time. Has anyone taken their cat on a long trip? If so how do you deal with the cats needs. That of course begs the question, where to get CATgatt, or for the dog either. I wouldn't want my animal freinds to be unprotected. DefconfunkDec 4, This past summer I saw a of guys on bikes with pretty big dogs. I was impressed. The two best were: Pitbull- One guy had a full grown pitbull an easy 60 pounds strapped to his back with some sort of back-pack sling.

Looked like he was giving the dog a piggy-back.

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The dog was technically sitting on the pillion seat. The dog was wearing goggles and had his head happily beside the rider's head. It was a thing of beauty. Husky- Saw a guy Swf motorcycle passenger wanted an FGS with a big honkin' rubbermaid tub attached to his pillion seat and top case rack.

The lid of the tub was in place, except a hole just big enough for the dog's head was cut out at the front. The edges of the hole were lined with something. So the dog could stick his head out when he wanted, or tuck in and sleep when he wanted. The guy even managed to Swf motorcycle passenger wanted coordinate his rubbermaid black with yellow trim to his BMW. I asked him how he trained the dog and he said "The dog would rather be out riding that at home alone, I just put him in the backpack one day and ever since he jumps and begs to come along!

This lady was cruiser around Daytona with her Pomerianian. My dog is scared to near the bike even when it's not running! I used to take my great dane in the side car of my Dnepr. Never had a problem with him jumping out. He would drink more on long trips and lean the wrong way in the hack. Other than that,he loved it! I couldn't start the bike without him getting excited.

My border collie fits and would ride in the back but the blue heeler I would never try. Doggles are a must and the ability for them to sit or lie down is important. In Australia,most farmers have dogs that ride on the back with a board and carpet.

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As with all training of animals it can be done if done right. ChuckDec 4, Remember from On Any Sunday this guy who did a desert race with his dog? MessoriusDec 4, ed: Nov 26, Oddometer: AKDucDec 5, Gimme 2Dec 5, ed: Mar 29, Oddometer: 2, Location: Samsonvale. ed: Jun 7, Oddometer: 2, Location: who the hell knows these days :D. ed: Apr 16, Oddometer: 1, Location: chicagoland.

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I got an old pic of a woman rider on a 60's Triumph. She would kick start her bike and whistle the dog over. It would jump up on the pillion seat and sit crosswise while leaning its body against her back. Often as not, the dog laid its head over her shoulder. The animal seemed pretty happy about being outdoors and on the bike. I think that she belonged to the British Biker Club in Wisconsin.

Nice dog that liked crowds and liked to be petted. SnowMuleDec 5, Not a bike sorrybut a buddy's dog Nate loves sledding and riding on the bikes. GrumpyTrailsDec 5, Reggie a. Wedgie has been riding with me in a Beast Rider for 6 years and about 25K miles. First, the dog is securely restrained with a 3-point harness, which Swf motorcycle passenger wanted him the freedom to move around a bit. As Swf motorcycle passenger wanted passenger can attest, this can be a big deal on long rides. The Beast Rider is also lined with sheepskin, which is a pain to clean but apparently keeps him comfortable.

Second, the seat itself provides a relatively rigid frame but is also somewhat pliable. This and the harness helped keep Reggie safe and sound when we hit a deer in Third, the dog's weight is on the passenger seat, where it is unlikely to adversely influence your bike's stability and your ability to control the ride effectively. Maybe a teacup poodle isn't a problem on the tank or way out back on the luggage rack, but anything heavier is a disaster waiting to happen. Fourth, the dog is able to control his own environment to a pretty large degree.

I think this helps considerably with his enjoyment of the ride. Reggie just tucks in behind me when it's cold or rainy and has no problem staying warm and dry. If he's hot, then he just hangs out to one side or another and catches the breeze. Reggie absolutely hates them, but he seems to realize that he cannot ride without them. As noted in the Aerostich catalog, the chicks cannot resist the Doggles. Dog hated it too. It took me a whole summer in small increments to train Reggie to ride.

I started by getting him used to the harness. Then I put him in the seat on a stationary bike. Then I fired up the bike to get him used to the noise. Then we took a series of short and slow rides around the neighborhoods. We practiced cornering, braking, and slow-speed maneuvers for a couple of weeks until he figured out how to lean into the curves he follows my lead.

Eventually, by the end of the summer, we were riding up to the trailhe in the local National Forest. Whenever we ride, we almost always spend more time farting Swf motorcycle passenger wanted than riding. I think this is pretty important--Reggie seems to accept that the bike is just another way to get to something really cool--another hiking trail, another new town with lots of strange smells, or whatever.

This means that I usually average less than miles per day when we're on a long trip. Reggie is a black dog, so heat is a serious problem. We don't usually ride together when the temps are consistently above 80 degrees. He can't cool down quickly enough through panting and his mouth can dry out and wetting him down doesn't do much good.

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Also important is the fact that I can't exactly carve the canyons when Dingleberry is perched on the back. You have to ride conservatively.

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