Strong weed types

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We often think of progress in terms of technology — faster wi-fi, increased storage capacity, higher pixel count, smaller processors. The most ificant improvement over the course of the last 45 years has been the dramatic increase in THC content. Back then, the average THC content hovered around 3. Today, marijuana THC content averages more than 7 percent, but modern growing techniques can push it as high as 27 percent. Strong weed types cares about faster Wi-Fi? Anything named after a guy who can go from mild-mannered scientist to hulking beast pun intended in seconds has got to be good.

Some weed strains have very strange names and you just know they were thought up while under the influence. Other strains have names that are both appropriate and descriptive and were likely thought up in a stroke of genius also under the influence, of course. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is certainly one of the latter. Forget about the euphoria and relaxation it creates. This strain is named appropriately because — like the delicious cookies — you can just never get enough.

This is one of those names that I often question. So why name it that? Why not get creative and call it Green Gorilla? Dibs on the name, by the way! Or maybe go the rhyming way with Vanilla Gorilla? Strawberry Cough conjures up images of sweet-smelling smoke and hours spent relaxing under the influence.

So whatever your marijuana needs for the day might be, Strawberry Cough can get you there in style. Another potent strain that specializes in a heady sense of happiness, euphoria, and the seemingly-at-odds relaxation and excitement. Legend has it that this strain got its name Strong weed types the vivid red hairs that adorn the mature buds and give them a dragon-like appearance. Do you have what it takes to tame the Red Dragon? Regardless, it will be one hell of a ride!

Chem Dog can trace its roots again, pun intended back to the well-known strains Kush, Hash Plant, and Northern Lights. It offers very pungent, earthy diesel flavors and in a relaxed, euphoric high with tinges of creativity floating on the periphery. But like many of the strains on this list, Chem Dog should be approached with the caution it deserves. As the name describes, Sour Diesel offers the pungent, earthy diesel Strong weed types that has come to be the defining identifier of many a quality strain of weed. Sour Diesel will get you there and back again.

Though sometimes slow to take over, Death Star never fails to zap your cares and will transport you to a state of relaxed euphoria like none other. The thick, frosty leaves of the Death Star strain smoke very smooth and slow while, at the same time, delivering a heady indica punch for those who want to get stuck on their couch for a few hours. The power of this potent strain lies in its ability to ease your pain, quiet you down, and lift your spirits all at the same time.

This strain will knock you on your ass and keep you there for hours. One of the awesome things about White Widow is its ability to produce shlo of trichomes. White Widow is an excellent choice for your next smoke sesh because of its sensory-heightening, chattiness-inducing effects. That said, the aroma of White Widow — ammonia and earthy Strong weed types — can be overwhelming, so good ventilation may be a necessity.

That means that you can expect a calm yet energetic feeling with plenty of amplitude for your senses.

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White Fire OG is a stellar choice for relaxing outdoors, hanging on the front porch, or exploring the world around you. Want a bracing euphoria and other potent cerebral effects? Stick a bit of the Jamaican strain in your pipe and smoke it.

Our experience with the Jamaican strain rendered us talkative and very sociable. That sky-high THC content quickly subdues even the toughest pain while still producing a solid and agreeable high. No departure from reality or rampant paranoia. Just an enjoyable body high with a hint of the psychotropic. Like White Widow, Super Silver Haze produces a plethora of sticky trichomes that give it a distinctive silvery appearance — and provide plenty of fodder for its name.

When smoked, Super Silver Haze gives off a sweet, citrusy aroma with notes of earth and pine. Some users even detect a sharp, cheesy tang in the mix. Whatever you Strong weed types and smell, Super Silver Haze creates a long-lasting body Strong weed types coupled with energizing and creative effects. Experienced users describe the Super Silver Haze high as a motivated, clear-headed focus that morphs into a body buzz with only a dash of psychedelic distortion. Start small with a one-hitterfor example and see how it affects you.

We only mention this because Blissful Wizard delivers a soaring euphoric high that can last for a couple of hours.

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Also of note, Blissful Wizard will make you hella-hungry, so make sure Strong weed types have plenty of snacks on hand to satisfy your munchies. We love the Fruity Pebbles strain for its tropical, berry flavors. The Fruity Pebbles strain is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. Yoda OG affects both the body and the mind simultaneously, which makes for a full-on, head-to-toe high. But, like the sneaky little Yoda dude from which this strain gets its name, the high can creep up on you slowly.

We recommend popping in your favorite film before smoking. That way you can zone out and enjoy the ride while your high builds and builds. The effects of Cherry OG — euphoria and total body relaxation — are also pretty impressive, with some long-time cannaseurs describing their experience as locked onto your couch with a euphoric cerebral high that leaves you happy as a clam.

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Strong weed types

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