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Sofia Hayat. Realise your Ancient Wisdom. Heal Yourself and release your inner Light. Healer, Shaman and Mother of Ancient Wisdom. Sofia Hayat has gone through a very public awakening, and the world has watched how this once Bollywood actress, became a spiritual nun, to evolving into her true energy of the Cosmic Mother, bringing forth ancient truth and wisdom from her past lives, which woke up in her soul. Now, she wants to pass this on to you! My spiritual album is out now! My heart has gone in to this album, which also has channelled songs for deep healing and DNA Activation, as well as the power to put you into a deep meditative trance.

It is for the advanced and beginner. Music has the power to take you places, nothing else can! Available on itunes, napster, spotify and all online platforms! Click below! I have appeared on thousands of news channels and news papers across the world! Watch some of my videos and our YouTube community! The videos are really short courses deed to give you the skills to heal yourself and excel in your life!

I first met Mother Sofia when I visited London Sofia hayat website medical reasons and was longing to experience Sofia hayat website sound therapy healing session. I searched for such places in London and with no doubt was drawn to Sofia's as she use crystals, light and energy too! The second I entered her clinic, her energy and the energy in her place was magical, and even more when I stepped into her therapy room.

The Sound, Crystal and Light Healing session was amazing; few words can describe what it did to me emotionally and mentally I felt liberated and felt like the energy had travelled right through my chakras, my deepest emotions and cleansed me. The bonus was Sofia connected with my angels and my husband's too, and gave us powerful and helpful messages. We left feelng enlightened, empowered and so so grateful!

The second time we went to see Sofia was intended for my husband, but the minute we entered her door she received a strong feeling of having to deal with me instead. She treated me in a spiritual way I had never experienced before, and sucked out negative vibrations which were coming from life threatening blood Sofia hayat website I had developed during treatment.

I had not told Sofia about this, but her angels obviously did tell her, enabling her to heal me and remove the pulmonary embolism which was bound to take my life. Once again the experience goes beyond words and we left there with so much gratitude! A few days later, a C. Since then we consider Sofia to be part of our family, so we keep in touch. On a third occasion I ended up in hospital, in a critical state where doctors could not guarantee I would make it past the first 15 minutes of my blood transfusion.

I messaged Sofia to ask if she could please send me some healing. Within the 15 minutes of my dreadful transfusion, where I felt my deterioration by the minute, Sofia walked in like a beaming light, gave me some crystals and started healing me. Sofia hayat website felt her energy travel right through me so powerfully. Minutes after I managed to take a big gasp of air and slowly regained a normal breathing pattern.

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I have no doubt, Sofia came to save my life, for the second time! I have no words to express how much gratitude I feel towards her. Having Sofia in our lives' is such a blessing and we love her so much! I wish nothing more for Sofia to be able to help many others as she has helped my family and I, and continue to fulfill her mission in Sofia hayat website lifetime. From the first moment I met Sofia I felt an instant connection with her. I could really feel her incredibly powerful,beautiful spirit and with that it made me instantly feel at ease and able to open up as I knew she would guide and support me.

I am blessed to know her and know that always has my back.

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Thank you. Mother Sofia is a kind and attentive meditation guide with a deep understanding of the beauty to be found along the spiritual path. Sofia has been so helpful to me and been a real positive influence in my life. I always leave her feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to take on whatever life throws at me next.

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She first introduced me to sound and light meditation, which I was initially sceptical of, but now I love it and always look forward to the feeling of calm I have afterwards. She is a really special and positive person.

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My first book is available at all good book shops and online retailers. My second book is currently being written!

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: info sofiahayat. Thanks for submitting! Challenge List. Spiritual is Sexy. Start Your Journey. From My Vlog. All Videos. All. Lemuria, Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius. Everything is possible! Divine Sofia Channeling prayer Todays energies are very powerful. The knowing is birthing within the cells of humanity. Sofia hayat website birthing of a knowledge and wisdom which has lay dormant.

We are here now. The Schuman resonance has shot up since the Female Sun lay her codes into the sacred grounds of Chichen Itza. I can feel it in the ocean, the wind. This vocal sound ftequncy can activate ancient dna and clear unwanted frequencies from you.

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Yoir lifebrepeats, situations repeat, until you realise what is going on and consciously change things in your favour. I love you Namaste Shalom Salaam Satnam Mother Sofia hayat website Hayat casamalca tulum tulummexico tulumbeach healing healer spirituality awakening sofiahayat casamalca. We want everyone to know that the ancients are here and remembering. The star seeds are awakening fast.

There is an order in who wakes up first. Your Mothers and father's, who are the creator God's, are clearing the path for you, so that you may step into your knowing with no trouble. It has not been an easy journey for me. But to light up the path to yoir glory, is the joy of my heart. Glory be. Load More.

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Sofia Hayat is available for private coaching on your personal situations and spiritual needs, including third eye opening, enlightenment ceremonies, guardian angel conta Book Now. See All Services. Heading 2. Subscribe for inspiration!

Sofia hayat website

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