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I am thoroughly satisfied with the publisher. Even during the pandemic we received regular updates on our submitted manuscript. It was a wonderful experience with Bentham Science, most important the way the article Seeking professional single Araraquara male been handled and timely intimations and responses impressed me alot.

I have published in many imaging and medical journals, thus having experience with different publishers such as Springer, Elsevier, AME Publishing Company, and Wiley, etc. My only comment on future improvement is to shorten response time as I realized that it takes a few days sometimes even longer to respond to my query, such as after checking the first round of galley proof, I have to wait for another week or even longer to receive the corrected proof.

This is rarely encountered with other publishers.

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Fast turnaround time is very important for authors nowadays as we would like to speed up our publications including citations of articles that are online. I would like to express all Seeking professional single Araraquara male admiration and gratitude to Current Topics Medicinal Chemistry CTMCedited by Bentham, due to the professionalism of the editorial team.

It is a great experience to work with CTMC because of the philosophy of the journal and to understand that science must be free of charge, which permits the authors to publish their papers with no barriers. I wish for a long life of CTMC! Herewith, we would like to express my sincere gratitude for publishing our review article in "Current Pharmaceutical De". It was such a pleasure and a learning experience working with Bentham Science Publishers.

The professionalism of the editorial team was really helpful for us during the whole process of manuscript submission. We are especially grateful to the Professional editing services of Bentham Publishers for the complimentary editing of our article free of charge. We highly recommend Bentham Science journals to our colleagues and hope for future collaboration with you. This journal is from Bentham Science Publications and I can point out that the work done in my capacity as a regional editor has been extremely welcoming and professional.

CVP's editorial work support group is extremely collaborative and has allowed clear and decisive progress in the relevant process of reviewing and editing contributions to the journal. Many thanks for your letter.

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I'm delighted to work with Bentham Science and publish my papers in your respective journals. My experience with Bentham journals is the best that I ever had. Hopefully, we will continue to cooperate in the future too. I would like to specify that working with Bentham Sciences was a pleasure. I believe that Bentham Sciences works with experienced reviewers and editors who are experts in their specific area. All comments and feedbacks have always made our articles much better.

It was a pleasure to work with such experts and Bentham Science. The online author guidelines instructions were clear and elaborate. The list of abbreviations in author guideline statement seemed to be optional, though, I guess it was required. The online article submission process was easy. The peer-review process was organized and structured. Thanks for the mail. Your group is doing good in terms of scientific connections and helping researchers to showcase their work. However, I feel that your review process needs to be expedited.

I appreciate your scheme of Bentham Ambassador for Science. Such schemes need to be promoted. It was indeed a nice experience to work with the publication team of Current Organic Chemistry, during the submission and revision process of my manuscript. I was assisted at every stage of the publishing process and my queries were dealt promptly. However, I would like to see the reviewing process after the submission of the revised manuscript, to be a little bit faster. Apart from that, I am really impressed with the professionalism and sincerity shown by the entire publication team. I am indeed interested in publishing more of my work in Bentham Science journals, and I hope to have more interactions with your publication team in the future.

I am feeling happy to see my article in your journal. My experience of working with Bentham Science Publishers is excellent. Thank you so much. Working with Bentham Science has been a great experience for me. Looking forward for future collaborations. It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to contribute articles to Current Medicinal Chemistry, which is Seeking professional single Araraquara male leading international journal in the medicinal chemistry domain.

We would like to express our great appreciations to the editors and the reviewers for the constructive advice shared with us for the revision of our manuscripts. The suggestions were Seeking professional single Araraquara male helpful! Additionally, it is really a great pleasure to collaborate with the Seeking professional single Araraquara male of Bentham Science Publications since they are kind and helpful.

I am looking forward to continue working with the team of Bentham Science Publishers in the near future. I am very glad to have my research paper in one of the Bentham Publications. It was a great pleasure and a nice experience of working with Bentham Science Publishers. Their response to all correspondence regarding manuscript query and the processing time was excellent.

The scientific standard is very high, well-organized and of high standard. Hence, we want to express our sincere thanks to in Bentham Science Publishers team. Thank you so much for valuing my contribution. The CDT staff was very friendly and gave prompt responses to our queries. We felt their service was excellent. Thank you very much. We are very pleased with your service.

The s are always responded without delay and the staff is very patient and responsible. We hope that the Bentham Science Publication will get better and better in the future. Thank you for your. It has been a nice experience working with Bentham. The editors are very efficient and helpful.

The editorial team was really professional and helpful throughout the entire editorial process. Their response to query as well as the processing time of the manuscript, was excellent. The reviewers' and editor's comments are very helpful in improving the paper.

Thank you for your cooperation in publishing our paper in the journal. As a feedback on the quality of your services, I can say that working with Bentham Science Publishers is rewarding as we find agility, warmth and support for our work. The editor has highly trained professionals, top-level reviewers and quality editorial support.

The publication is highly recommended with praise. I appreciate this opportunity. I want to thank the editorial team and reviewers Seeking professional single Araraquara male improving our article with their reviews. The whole publication process was prompt and satisfying.

It was a great experience to publish an article with Bentham Science Publishers. Your journal was recommended to us by another journal and we had a very positive experience with you. We recieved timely feedback, helpful peer-reviewing, excellent communication with journal administrators, and prompt publication.

We will continue publishing with you. The extensive and insightful reviewers and editorial comments helped us to refine and upgrade our manuscript. I really appreciate the kindness of the Editor in sending us galley proof and modifying it in accordance with our corrections. Hoping to collaborate in future projects.

Thanks very much for your kind work and consideration in publication of our paper. On behalf of my co-authors, we would like to express our great appreciation to the editor and reviewers. Working with you has been a wonderful journey. I and my workmates really appreciate your work and I 'll introduce the journal to others as much as I can. I am extremely happy in publishing our work in current organic chemistry. During the publication process, we got prompt responses from the editor to our each and every query. The quality of the reviewing process is very good and the standards of the editorial board are very high.

I hope and wish to communicate more articles in the near future.

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