Sedona medical staffing

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Companies looking for a cost-effective way to grow their labor force can benefit from temporarily using Sedona employees for additional labor at peak times, special projects, or to cover employee vacations and family leave. Temporary staffing gives employers the flexibility to keep staffing levels optimal as their business needs change. With this solution, Sedona is the employer and bears all employment liability workers compensation, unemployment,employment taxes, liability Insurance and benefits. Turnover is expensive.

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For companies concerned with turnover and making great long-term hiring decisions, our temp-to-hire solution can provide employers the unique opportunity to "try-out" employees prior to making a hiring commitment. Employers are able to measure attendance, skills, attitude, workplace culture fit and other critical factors in order to determine whether the employee is up to company standards.

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With this solution, Sedona is the employer for roughly 90 working days contract length can vary before the employee is eligible to be hired permanently at no additional cost. With the Direct Hire solution, employees are immediately placed onto the client's payroll. This solution is commonly used with professional Sedona medical staffing.

We recruit the employee, conduct an initial interview, arrange interviews with the client, share feedback, assist in the salary negotiation process and act as a facilitator in the placement process. This fee comes with a 60 day guarantee. Employers who wish to recruit on their own but want the benefits of our temp-to-hire program can take advantage of our Smart Hire Solution.

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At a reduced priceemployers are able to put employees on our Sedona medical staffing while they assess attendance, skills, attitude, culture fit and other critical factors in order to determine whether the employee is up to company standards. Our Smart Hire program has also been a great fit for companies concerned with employment liability workers compensation, unemployment, employment taxes, liability insurance, etc. In the event your company does not have benefits available, our Smart Hire solution will give you a cost effective way to provide employee benefits.

If you have a high-volume temporary workforce, it can be useful to have an onsite staffing partner. We will integrate with your culture to become an extension of your existing HR Sedona medical staffing. Depending on the size of the workforce and the individual needs of the client, our On-Site Management Program can include an on-site staffing manager or we will as one of our executive recruiters to routinely go out to the job site.

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Employers can outsource all or part their recruitment processes to Sedona. An individual meeting will help us learn more about your individual needs and determine the correct approach. This program is aimed to improve recruiting time, turnover rates, technology, scalability over time. About U s. Staffing Solutions. Reasons to Partner with Sedona. Job Board. Sedona Referral Program. Personnel Provided. Sedona Sedona medical staffing in the placement of industrial, administrative, technical, professional, and medical personnel.

Customizable Staffing Solutions. Below are some of our most popular staffing solutions. If you do not see a program that will meet your staffing needs, please let us know! Temporary Staffing. Temporary to Hire. Smart Hire. On-Site Management. Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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Sedona medical staffing

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