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Home » Dating » Reviews » eHarmony. By: Jason Lee Updated We get super excited when our journey takes us to one of the powerhouses of the online dating industry. The site boasts about having some of the best matchmaking success out there and the most marriages. But can they walk the walk? As a spoiler, you can see from our rankings and ratings below that eHarmony not only walks the walk, but they dance the dance, and do any other tricks you could ever want an online dating site to do. The site is going to be a big win for singles looking for serious and committed relationships.

Additionally, up discounts and promos are offered privately only to members who have ed up for a free trial. Overall, my eHarmony review revealed a dating site that might cost a few bucks extra, but in return you get. If I had to do it all over again, eHarmony would be my first Review on eharmony for a dating app for relationships and marriage. My eHarmony review showed a dating website that genuinely works to help out people looking for serious relationships. The structured approach I saw during my eHarmony review is perfect to help you find Mr. Good news, they never post anything to your Facebook wall or notify your friends or anything like that.

One thing that you may want to look at if you use the Facebook option is what information you want to provide to eHarmony. A bunch of stuff will be auto-selected including things like relationship status, your likes, your timeline posts…Our guess is that this is to help fill out your profile quicker, but it does Review on eharmony like a lot.

What you can do is deselect everything and only give them the required information which is just your name, profile picture, and any other public info that Review on eharmony have. Who knows what crazy stuff we have on our Facebook profile we forgot about? By making sure that everyone that s eHarmony is taking the process seriously, they can ensure a much higher success rate which should get you excited. This also avoids them having a site filled with flaky singles with no pictures and incomplete profiles which is an annoyance that we see far too often at other dating sites.

The -up process at eHarmony starts with some basic questions and then starts to get into some interesting ones that require you to type out a response. We can give you the details about how it works, though. With each question you will select the level at which you agree with the question or the level at which it best or does not describe you. We highly recommend taking the eHarmony compatibility quiz seriously and really putting some time into your answers. The above sample questions are actually nine different questions where you would select a lot, a little, or somewhere in the middle.

The compatibility quiz takes the bulk of the -up time. Again, this should be a positive for you. The compatibility questions are all done on a scale of how much something applies to you. Once you get done filling out your compatibility quiz, the experts and the algorithms at eHarmony will go to work.

You will be asked to a picture to your eHarmony profile either from your computer or from your Facebook. The Review on eharmony important part of any reviews we do of an online dating site is whether or not there are quality matches for you to choose from.

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Matches are presented to you in a grid format on your member dashboard. If you notice that all the pictures are blurred, this is because you can only see your matches and their profiles before upgrading to a Review on eharmony. All photos will be blurred which we do on all of our reviews anyways, so thanks for the help eHarmony. We tested out the matches in a lot of different cities only in the United States including big cities and small cities and also with a lot of different parameters.

What we found was plentiful. The of singles on eHarmony is massive, and they all were fully filled out real profiles. Unlike some online dating sites, eHarmony does a killer job of clearing out any spam or fake profiles that may have somehow slipped through the cracks. We actually went back with our test review profile to update our review, and our had been deleted from the site for not being a real Review on eharmony. You are able to see their full profile, though, which allows you to get to know the potential matches eHarmony has found for you. Notice that you can see all the information about your match except for their photos.

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The bottom line result of our eHarmony reviews is the Review on eharmony is packed full of high-quality singles who are serious about the online dating process. We did find that most everyone on the site is looking for something serious marriage eventually so this is not going to be a great site for anyone who is looking for a quick fling or something super casual. Regarding ages of singleswe saw people all over the spectrum. If there is something that eharmony spent more money on than marketing, it has to be their deers and coders.

Your member area has only four different links across the top of the for you to choose from:. The layout of the message area is clean and looks similar to how things look on Facebook messenger only a lot cleaner. One thing that eHarmony really tries to do is make the dating process as easy as possible. One way in which they do this is through their guided communication process. One thing that we do want to point out before we explain how the process works is that once you are a paying member, you can skip the guided communication process altogether and go straight to sending messages like you would on a traditional dating site.

Also, for those of you that are worried about people being able to message you directly without using the process, you have to accept their message and Review on eharmony to skip the process. If you choose that you only want to go through the guided communication process, your potential match is going to have to respect your wishes and either go through the process or chat with someone else. The four steps are:. The quick questions are Review on eharmony first step in the guided communication process.

What you do is choose from a set of pre-written questions eHarmony has to developed and send those to your potential match. Your potential match is then able to respond by choosing from a set of pre-written responses. Basically, it allows you to start to get to know each other without having to worry about coming up with what to say or how to ask the questions that you really want to ask a match.

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The Review on eharmony question process is free to use without a paidReview on eharmony you can start the process prior to deciding if you want to upgrade or not. After they answer your questions or you answer theirseHarmony then lets you respond with your own set of questions.

You can ask as many or as few questions as Review on eharmony would like. We have heard that eHarmony members are typically much more responsive and serious about the relationship process than members of some other comparable sites. Makes or breaks was one of our favorite parts of the guided communication process as well as the entire eHarmony review. According to eHarmony, almost every successful couple that came from the site mentioned being brutally honest during the make or breaks section of the process.

These are the things that you refuse to tolerate in a partner. The Digging Deeper section of the eHarmony guided communication process is like the Quick Questions section but on steroids. In this step of the process, you can choose to use pre-programmed questions again or you can write your own. These questions are going to go a lot deeper than the initial Quick Questions and really help you to start to get to know your Review on eharmony match.

Responses are no longer pre-written ones that you can choose from. This is where you are fully on your own, the training wheels are off, and you are no longer being guided. Remember, you can skip straight to this step, but neither eHarmony or us recommend that. During our eHarmony reviews, we Review on eharmony that they care about one thing — helping you find love.

Instead what they do is present matches to you that they think are compatible. Imagine them like your good friend who always wants to play matchmaker, except they are professionals and are really, really good at it. You are able to look outside of the matches eHarmony presents you and you are able to search through your matches as well as the matches outside of your preferences. You are also able to update your match preferences which will change who shows up in your match feed. Trust the system and explore the matches they give you. Why does eHarmony have no real search feature? Another fun feature we liked during our eHarmony review is the What If?

The What If? If you choose someone you like, eHarmony will work to get you matched up with them. No offense Tinder users…what we meant to say is a group that is more serious about relationships and not just having a good time. These are the ability to see who visited your profile, the What If? One of the neatest sections of the member profile area we found during our eHarmony review is the compatibility tab. From our review, they look to have answers to almost any common question we could think of. What we did take a while to find was how to contact them with any other questions not covered.

So, if you need help, go the FAQ section, click on a question and scroll to the bottom. In the past, there were different types of memberships that offered Review on eharmony levels of service. Now, though, all of the memberships offer the same features, including the read receipts and the new video features! While it is a little pricier than some of the other options, it is completely worth it.

The features and the quality of the overall experience far outweigh the few extra bucks the membership costs. It depends on how active a user you are, whether you fill out your profile and pictures, and how much time you dedicate to sending messages and responding to messages from other eHarmony members. The speed you fill out your -up questionnaire and how active of a user you are will have a big effect on how long things take to work. Unlike some dating sites that turn you lose to the full list of singles, eHarmony follows a more structured approach. This means you may see options slower, but the quality of options will be better, and you should get better.

Obviously, there will be some that slip through the cracks, but because of the intricate and in-depth -up process, there are fewer fake profiles at eHarmony than at other dating sites. Be aware there are levels of interactivity you must meet in order to qualify.

Details are spelled out in the link above. The eHarmony free trial is available to daters anywhere around the globe. This does require a 6-month membership commitment. To see the full list of pricing and available options, check out our up-to-date- eHarmony cost. For full access, though, you will need to pay for an upgraded membership. According to eHarmony, over 2 million people have found love through the website and app. If you ask us, those are great enough success rates to say eHarmony really works. The dating site has now been around for over two decades!

Review on eharmony

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