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This swimming hole listing is by www. Link to Google Map. From St. Take Joe's Brook Rd. When the road becomes gravel, go about. The swimming hole is near here in Joe's Brook. There is a small grassy area ideal for picnicking. PHOTO1 The upper pool is the largest, it is not deep enough to safely jump into, but plenty deep enough to swim.

Below this pool are 2 or 3 additional pools that look great to relax in. One interesting feature are the rocks--they are pinkish in color and, combined with the clear water, give a nice shade to the pools. Grout Pond is literally in the middle of the Green Mountains and sees few visitors.

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The pond is circled with wooded campsites that are best accessed by canoe. Though the pond is quite big, the swimming area described here is quite small. If you are looking for a quiet, bucolic and serene swimming experience, visit this very special place midweek and bask in the solitude. These pictures were from a visit in late September with autumn on the doorstep. Look for the covered bridge the left. The road crosses over RT 7.

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Soon after, the road crosses Roaring Brook and changes into North Rd. About 0. Very Confident. Kelly Stand Road is a windy, twisting road with beautiful views of the river. Take your time, be safe and enjoy the ride here. Follow the road past the ranger station, downhill to the parking area. Park here, walk toward the pond then turn right on the obvious path. Soon you will see the small grassy area with picnic tables bear a boulder, lined sandy beach. Bromley Brook is a small and brook that flows over and through some very interesting rock formations which Northfield falls Vermont Free naked fills the small swimming area at the bottom of the cascades.

Very close to RT 7, this is not an exceptionally intimate swimming hole, however it does have a fine view of Mt. Though very close to RT 7, Benson's Hole is a little tricky to get to. RT 11 and RT 30 combine and the road winds through the Manchester area. It can be very easy to miss this turn. East Manchester Road he south then bends right to head in a westerly direction. In about 0. If you stay straight here, you will be on Peace Road, which is a dead end and not where you want to be.

After the fork, take your second left onto Glen Road and park near the small bridge that crosses Bromley Brook. Follow the shoreline downstream to the swimming area. If you visit here please make an effort to pick up at least one piece of trash and dispose of it properly. The of conscientious swimming hole visitors vastly out those who abuse these places. Large round rock bowls of water for swimming. This is Northfield falls Vermont Free naked very popular swimming place.

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How to get there : From Waterbury, follow RT 2 west approximately 6. Take Northfield falls Vermont Free naked right onto Bolton Valley Road. The parking area is 0. How to act when you are there : Be careful when you are parking or pulling out of the parking spots. The dirt and gravel are very loose and spinouts accelerate erosion. Do not use the driveways on private property to park or turn around. Would you want hundreds of people turning around in your driveway every weekend?

Use your own bathroom before you visit. This beautiful swimming hole is heavily used and simply cannot accommodate the bathroom needs of a crowd. Yes, it is a natural thing, but when so many people leave their waste here, it turns this bucolic place into a cesspool.

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If you cannot find a safe place to park, try visiting one of the other swimming holes in Northfield falls Vermont Free naked that are listed on this. Bristol Falls also known as "Bartlett Falls"and the upstream area known as Circle Current, comprise one of the biggest swimming areas in Vermont. Very popular but certainly enough room for everyone. This wide waterfall spills into a deep channel approximately 75 yards long with many jumping spots. This is an extremely popular swimming area and you could find a few hundred people here on a hot summer day.

There is lot's to do and explore here, so plan to spend several hours. Take a right onto Lincoln Gap Road. Keep driving and listen for the roar of the falls. Parking for Bristol Falls is first, a little further up the road you will see numerous pull offs for Circle Current. Falls tumble through gorge and end in pool at bottom. Train track crosses high above pool. Some graffiti and litter throughout the gorge. Be careful of currents and submerged objects in the water! From Brattleboro, take I north to Rockingham. Park just before the bridge in the small, dirt parking area near the train tracks.

Gorge can be seen from road. Walk down path through woods.

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Clothed area is near parking lot, nude area is down a trail near the overlook-take a trail from the overlook down to large, flat rocks at the water edge- no beach here. NOTE: The rocks below the waterline have become encrusted with sharp zebra muscles, an invasive species not native to Lake Champlain.

All visitors should be advised to wear thick-soled shoes before entering the water. Not verified. Drive north on North Avenue. Walk the bike path north to the stairs to the beach. Go down the stairs and walk north on the beach a very short distance past the overhanging trees and over Northfield falls Vermont Free naked large rocks which are easy to negotiate.

The large beach area is just past these trees. It is the only spot on the beach that is raked and clean. At least 3 falls, with chutes and pools galore. Walk between falls. Very large, deep pools at bottom of 2 of these falls. It is suggested that if you wish to go nude, please go down to the third lowest pool so that families can use the upper pools more freely. From Ludlow, go about 5 mi west on RT Go to the end of this road and park.

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You can walk to all falls from here. Take path off right side of road to falls. The Black River spills over a dam, then meanders through a rugged, little explored gorge. Secluded and unpopular, there is a great deal of very exciting exploration and swimming to be had here. We were somewhat hesitant to enter the water as it seemed a little dark and murky. Not the best swimming hole you will ever visit, but not the worst either. Be very careful entering the steep gorge. From Ludlow, follow Rte east for approximately 3 miles to Rte east through Proctorsville and Cavendish.

Approximately 0. There is a gate usually locked at the entrance to the power plant.

Northfield falls Vermont Free naked

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