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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Dec 30, I'm looking for a responsible, reputable breeder in the Long Island, NY or tri-state area. I'm willing to drive hrs but can't travel cross- country. I prefer to be able Long island german shepherd breeders visit the breeder, but it's not required. Sadly, our little pup passed away from cancer this past October and we are devastated.

I don't mind which line the dog comes from, as long as it has a good temperament and low prey drive. I need a dog that's going to be ok with lots of kids and their parents coming in and out of my home. Yes, I will be training any dog we get.

I have GSD experience and have had multiple Black and Tans in the past and have grown up with large breed dogs. Now it's time for my black. I'm in no rush, but would like to at least pin down a breeder and get on a wait list and would love a new puppy by next summer I'm aware that some breeders get solid blacks in addition to other colors, as a result of genetics I'm not a breeder but I have seen solid blacks show up in liters of other colors. Thanks for any recommendations!

ed Feb 24, A black lab sounds more up your alley. Honestly you're setting yourself up for heartache here. A low drive pup doesn't always stay low Long island german shepherd breeders and then what happens when the not so uncommon dog aggression, land shark, etc shows up? Are you willing to crate and rotate to protect your other dog? Isolate him from the kids? Besides being black and friendly what else do you want? ed May 29, I'm with Gooseman on this That's not really a German Shepherd anymore.

What are you hoping a low prey drive is going to accomplish? I think what you want to specify is a GSD who has solid nerves, a biddable nature, with a good off switch in the house. That doesn't, however, imply that the dog will not have high energy requirements, so don't forget that. Lots of times people associate "prey drive" with this crazy dog who is going to go after other dogs, small children, small creatures, etc.

A fearful dog with weak nerves and zero ounce of prey drive could do the exact same. A dog with prey drive can be a wonderful thing if you're using it appropriately. Prey is fun, happy, and enjoyable. It means chasing and catching - ie.

Plus, you can always properly teach a dog when it is or isn't okay to engage in prey. I think the average buyer ties this idea of drive into negative associations because they don't have a solid understanding of it, which isn't a bad thing. It's a good opportunity to learn more. That could be a multitude of breeds, of which I would not recommend a German Shepherd for. Were your GSDs low prey drive? And if so, how did you know? I feel answering that will also help us direct you better for what you might be looking for. Femfa said:. Not at all! We're here to help you, but to do so we need to understand where you're coming from.

When we hear things like "low prey drive", then the last kind of breed we want to recommend is a GSD. They're well known for good prey drive. You can most certainly get what you're looking for. You will be able to get a great family companion from an American Showline or from a Working Line. You're in the right place to find a dog like that.

We just want to make sure you're prepared for what you might get depending on which line you choose, because each line does specialize in specific things, and even within those lines there can be certain characteristics from well known dogs that you want to be aware of. Your heart is in the right place and we'll be more than happy to help. Unfortunately, I'm from up north so I'm Long island german shepherd breeders aware of many breeders in your area.

However, one breeder around you if you are not opposed to shipping that I would highly recommend - and who is also a board member - is Wolfstraum.

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She produces some awesome dogs with a great temperament who would be a good fit in your home. Good for you for doing all that! OhanaMama said:. ed Nov 29, ed Mar 20, I know a breeder who has black pups frequently but she may be farther away then you wish to go.

Kazel said:. Just to say when 'everyday' people are talking about prey drive they're generally speaking more like husky type. As in dogs that likes to kill small critters. I haven't met a lot of GSDs that have that type of prey drive or to the degree that a husky has it anyway.

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All the GSDs I've known are good with other animals such as cats or not as obsessed with it, not as crittery. Sabis mom said:. I own one, and I have worked with several.

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Shadow will track and kill. No small critters in this house for the duration of her life. Things that squeak or squeal get disembowelled and if it moves she's on it. Weirdly good with kids, so I guess she does differentiate. ed Sep 18, Mine was an all black puppy, as she grew she changed.

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She is mainly all black with some interesting and different markings. Her father is an all black long coat and her mother is a short coat black and tan. ed May 14, I have two gsd's from wanda brown kleinenhain german shepherds, right now she has a litter on the ground with I think, a couple of blacks available. However, she's located in Kentucky Nice dogs, I have no complaints about the two I have Long island german shepherd breeders her.

ed Feb 13, I would suggest you get your husband on board with this before you contact breeders. The breeders I suggested for you are not going to sell you a puppy if the whole family is not involved. It's how dogs get shoved into crates to live and then returned after 2 years with behavioral issues. Not saying that YOU will Coleen said:. ed Nov 21, the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion.

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Long island german shepherd breeders

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