Lee seung gi dating park shin hye

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Address:. me up! This is just like a real drama!

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Hilarious, touching, and sad. Later, LSG walks the city streets wearing a worn trench, red scarf, half-finger gloves, with guitar. He stops at cafe window to check his eyes in the fogged area, and just so happens PSH is right there inside, wiping the window at the same time.

Their eyes meet! At first, neither realizes the other person is there. Awkward again.

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Cab stops and they both get out. SO K-drama-ish! PSH turns around, bows goodbye and leaves. PSH just happens to walk by. Their eyes meet again. OMG, the way Seunggi stares gives me shivers! He basically serenades her while she just stands there staring at back into his eyes. He finishes the song, she turns to leave…. Excuse me… [Yes? LSG annoyed at his annoying self! PSH chuckles knowing he wanted to ask for her !

PSH is so forward! She is definitely into him! PSH is a bartender and she can do some fancy bottle-throwing-twisting tricks! They make eye contact. More cute eye contact! PSH: Your song sounded great. Did she actually mean they were going to date. Or just teasing him?

LSG back in his room playing guitar, composing a new song. But OMFG, is he really pretending to kiss that cute little stuffed animal?! And getting all giddy afterward! That is not cool. Even though guys do that in real life!

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OMG, but the MV keeps at it! LSG really is lonely for a girlfriend! But this is Lee Seunggi, which means everything he does is just freaking adorable! Next, we see LSG walking in the light snow. PSH runs up to him and… gives him a sweet cute peck kiss! Dude, she is a very initiating girl! Good for her! LSG is shocked happy… But then he wakes up… from his dream! This MV is awesome! So cute and hilarious.

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We all know what it feels like to be totally into someone and end up acting like high schoolers! Back to real life. Aw, this is so freaking cute. Then PSH teaches him to bartend. The power of having good actors in an MV. I mean, they go grocery shopping out and about in the city!

All of us know playfully hitting a guy is a sure that the girl is definitely into the guy that is, according to date doctor Will Smith in Hitch! The fanphoto that was all the buzz with some netizens wondering Lee seung gi dating park shin hye they were really dating and the press reporting that Seunggi and Shinhye looked like a real couple…. Back at the cafe. Too cute. But oh no… WTF! Who is this older uptight intruder guy?! A few days later… LSG singing at the bar. They notice LSG standing there….

The song was totally great. See you tomorrow. MV part 2, to be released in March? I hope it will be a good ending for the MV part 2. Please give Seung gi and girlfriend at least in the MV!!!!! Maybe in the second part, the other guy played as their matchmaker as he sees the attraction between the two lsg n psh. LOL, what do you think? Prepare yourself for upcoming King 2 Hearts, predicted more hot kisses kkk. I have been trying to explain the story with a friend im trying to convert into an LSG fan- she found the MV cute too but cant understand it so thanks so much for thiiisss!!!

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Just a thought, while I love the MV to bits, just a small detail im pecking on. I wish they made seunggi at least look like an authentic guitar player. The strumming was great but the hand pressing down on the strings? It looked like he was just sliding his hand up and down.

I mean perhaps only those who play guitars will notice it i do but hey, this is seunggi, i wish they paid more attention to details like that. I also got crushed with his expression before the scene turned to black, i like PSH, but oh man, my fists are itching to punch the living daylights out of her. The song was so upbeat, cheerful and optimistic, i was a little dismayed at the drama at the end.

Cant he have one awesome fun video without drama? Only just because he has a lot of those kinds of MV already, so i was just hoping…Still i would love to see part 2. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter Lee seung gi dating park shin hye.

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You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. WP Deer. Address: me up! He finishes the song, she turns to leave… Excuse me… [Yes? Please come by sometime. Afterward… PSH: Your song sounded great. He falls asleep… Next, we see LSG walking in the light snow. The fanphoto that was all the buzz with some netizens wondering if they were really dating and the press reporting that Seunggi and Shinhye looked like a real couple… Back at the cafe.

Oh man, and LSG has to watch them chat it up. Poor LSG! PSH leaves. End of MV part 1. To be continued. And I just want to reach out and hug Seunggi! Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Address never made public.

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