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Once upon a time, during a time after all the happily-ever-afters, and perhaps even after the ever-afters after that, all the evil villains of the world were banished from the United Kingdom of Auradon and imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost.

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There, underneath a protective dome that kept all manner of enchantment out of their clutches, the terrible, the treacherous, the truly awful, and the severely sinister were cursed to live without the power of magic. Forever, as it turns out, is quite a long time. Longer than an enchanted princess can sleep. Longer than a week of being turned into a frog, and certainly much longer than waiting for a prince to finally get around to placing that glass slipper on your foot already.

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Ten years, to be specific. Ten years that these legendary villains have been trapped on a floating prison of rock and rubble. And some of them were brought back from death, only to be placed on this island—so, um, they should know. Without their awesome powers to dominate and hypnotize, terrorize and threaten, create thunderclouds and lightning storms, transform and disguise their features or lie and manipulate their way into getting exactly what they wanted, they were reduced to hardscrabble lives, eking a living selling and eating slop, scaring no one but their own minions, and stealing from each other.

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It was hard even for them to imagine they once had been great and powerful, these poisoners of forest apples and thieves of undersea voices, these usurpers of royal powers and owners of petulant mirrors. Wicked being something of a relative term under a dome that houses a bunch of powerless former villains. It was the most magnificent celebration the isolated island and its banished citizens had ever seen, and tales of its gothic grandeur and obnoxious opulence would be told for years to come. The party to end all parties, this lavish occasion transformed the ramshackle bazaar and its rotting storefronts in the middle of the island into a spookily spectacular playground, full of ghostly lanterns and flickering candles.

Weeks before, a flock of vultures had circled the land, dropping invitations on every shabby doorstep and hovel so that every grubby little urchin from every corner of the island would be able to partake in this enchanting and extraordinary event. Whether her invitation was lost to the winds and torn to tatters or devoured by the hungry buzzards themselves—or—gasp!

Above the tumultuous bazaar, up high on her castle balcony, six-year-old Mal pulled on the locks of her thick, purple hair and pursed her lips as she observed the dark and delicious festivities below. What she could make of them, at least. There she saw the tiny princess, the fairest of the is land, sitting on her rickety throne, her hair as blue as the ocean, eyes as dark as night, and lips as pink as roses. Her hair was pulled back from her face in a pretty V-braid, and she laughed in delight at the Isle of the lost free online of marvels before her. Isle of the Lost - Melissa de La Cruz.

King Beast declared the villains exiled forever.

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Yes, forever is a long, long, long time. Now their lives were anything but powerful. Now they were ordinary.

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Dare it be said? In any event, a party it was.

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Every little urchin on the island, that is, except for one malicious little fairy. But the result was the same.

Isle of the lost free online

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