How to play with a man

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EntertainmentFeaturedLifestyle. It's pretty easy to pull a 'men' on the men that love playing mind games with us.

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Women invented most of these games, anyways. Eeshah Omer. Ever since the dawn of time, humans have been bent on playing with each other, either, to win wars or bring peace between nations. Today, people have transgressed this command structure for their own personal gains: they use it to make money, How to play with a man empires, and for devious purposes like fueling their very own motives in relationships. Most men play mind games with women because it gives them a sense of power and accomplishment.

According to research, men feel the need to be adored intensely. One of the most interesting finds which is similar to ego-stroking is the purpose of testing oneself, for a man to give credit to his ability to attract a woman and see her all wrapped up around his little finger. This is the most common reason a guy plays mind games. Whether the mind games men play range from bouts of victim playing to guilt trips, disappearing without a trace, then coming in back again, men know they have you running around in circles as they can spring back up into the woodworks whenever it pleases them.

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If men play mind games, they play dirty, but when girls play, they play to win. Afterall, our primal instincts are born out of an intrinsic system of defense mechanism. This should be especially in tune with the likes of a guy who loves to play mind games. Know your worth Women are the most susceptible to mind games when they are vulnerable. The most common victims are women with low self-esteem or those that have faced abandonment issues in the past.

Players, most definitely, can sniff out these types. So you better start appreciating your worth, before a man How to play with a man mind games takes a bite of whatever is left of it. Never compromise on your own respect or set of beliefs just to please him. Take your time. So let them show their true colours along the way, because a good guy will not take anything away from you. He will only appreciate whatever you have to offer and treasure you for it.

It might feel good for a while, but the pain of his betrayal will still be there. In the end, none of it will matter, because a player will really not care about anything that you do.

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A guy with ulterior motives will shrug it off, only to find his next victim. Use your energy to move on and heal yourself from all the toxicities that your relationship has caused you. Cartoons Letters Blogs Privacy Policy.

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How to play with a man

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