How to keep a man interested when dating

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Are you wondering how to keep a man interested in you for a longer time? This guide is stacked full of tips for doing just that…. This psychological trigger can activate tremendous feelings of power, pride and meaning in his mind. Needless to say, he tends to feel a lot closer to women who make him feel this way. It would appear that this primal instinct is held by most men - yet so few people seem to know about it. There are many ways in which to keep your man interested which you can choose by what your personality is and who you are. Even after marriage, I am still working to keep him interested by trying new things together such as ice skating and remaining my fun self even after all these years.

He will already be proud of you and so there is no need to carry on reminding him whose is bigger. Keep the relationship fun rather than competitive. How to keep a man interested when dating all means you can still talk about your achievements but not over and over again. I have a friend who is the breadwinner in her relationship and she is forever reminding everyone, including her man that it is her that makes the most money and she pays for him to do things.

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While we are all super proud of her, it can get slightly unattractive when someone boasts and rubs it in constantly. A great way to How to keep a man interested when dating your man interested is to keep a few How to keep a man interested when dating. Keep a few things to yourself but without making him jealous or suspicious of course. I believe this is a really important one and think this is what keeps my relationship with my husband still so alive after many years. I have always kept my playful side and will chase my man around the kitchen for a hug or jump on his back when he is trying to do something… basically just being a nuisance.

I remember going away for a week a few years ago and after I got back, may man said he missed me chasing him and singing terribly in the morning. This is when I knew for certain that my playful side is something that keeps him interested as well as other things too.

If you have a playful side then stick with it and never lose it. Not only will it keep you young but it will add a lot of fun and interest to the relationship. Your man will know he will never find anyone like you and that is what you want. I find it really sad that some women once in a relationship tend to forget their friends and focus all their time and attention of their man. While it is great they are super in love, they may actually start to become a burden on their man which is how we will lose interest. It is important you have a life outside of your relationship by going out with friends, even if it is once a month.

This outlet will keep your man interested and he will also be grateful as if he sees you having fun both inside and outside of the relationship then he knows he can do it too. This may sound slightly strange but having an aroma around you of cookies and anything yummy will actually keep your man interested.

Next time he comes round to your apartment, bake a fresh batch of cookies just before he arrives so that you and your apartment has a yummy aroma. If you begin to do this regularly then he will start to as the smell of cookies with the thought of you. You can actually buy cookie scented or candy scented candles which you can light in your apartment to create the same effect as baking or cooking.

Show your man that you are confident in your relationship and that you trust him wholeheartedly by remarking on a woman passing by.

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I touched upon this briefly before but wanted to make more of a point of it as I feel it is a very important point to make. While it is great to show interest in what he loves, it is another thing to pretend to also love it too. It is important to be yourself and be your own person in the relationship.

Do the things that you love to do rather than pretend to love the things that he loves to do. Having your own interests and personality will help you come to love yourself and feel solid about who you are. One of the biggest mistakes women make in relationships is holding on to the past. Start your new relationship afresh without any negativity or insecurities.

By brother has told me of his friend who has a girlfriend who was cheated on in the past in two different relationships. Her insecurities have gotten that bad that she is stopping her boyfriend from working as she wants him with her at all times.

If there is one way that will guarantee to keep him interested in you it is to be spontaneous. This could be either by booking a table at his favourite restaurant… your treat or How to keep a man interested when dating could be taking him away on holiday. If you think of something that would really make him happy and surprise him then definitely do it. Sticking with the theme of being spontaneous, if your man usually dominates in the bedroom and takes control then why not next time, you take charge?

Your man may like taking control in the bedroom but if you switch it up and take control then it will show him that you are confident and sexy. This comes down to you being unpredictable again. You can continue this throughout your relationship to constantly keep it exciting and interesting, right from when you first start dating to even after marriage.

Every now and again, do something new in the bedroom like talking dirty to him to surprise and please him. This excitement will keep him constantly wondering what next is in store and make him feel that he has yet to discover a lot more about you.

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It is no secret that men can be very competitive, but did you know that they also compete as to who has the best girlfriend? Well you do now! A good way to keep your man into you is to wow his friends. This will stop his friends from roasting him about being under the thumb. Acting this way could even mean that his friends will tell him that they wish their girlfriends were as cool as you.

This will make him feel incredibly proud and is almost a testament that he is in a good relationship and he should never let you go. Surround yourself in a seductive aura so that your man will remain interested in how sensual and sexy you are. You can still wear your sweats and still remain seductive.

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Always continue to smile and flirt with him by giggling at something he said while touching his shoulder or chest. For example, my man really loves poker and a few years ago when I was bored one day I asked if he could teach me.

He was absolutely over the moon and we spent the whole afternoon doing something that he loves to do and he got to share it with me. The even better thing was that his ego was massaged because he got to teach me something. Men will love that they have connection with you and will feel that your truly understand him. Unfortunately it is quite a common thing for men to say that women nag or are drama queens. The aim of the game is to not let your man give you either of these labels by not throwing a fit or getting upset when you have a disagreement with your man.

Get in touch with your inner Kourtney Kardashian and be the calm queen. This will have a much more powerful effect on him than throwing a hissy fit. I used to fight an argument even after my man had apologised because I just wanted to be clear to get my point across. One of the best ways to keep your man interested in you is to be a supportive shoulder for him to lean on.

This is the 21 st century with all women and men being equal which means that you need to be just as much of a support block as he does. If you do this, then How to keep a man interested when dating man will treat your like his goddess and will have all the respect in the world for you. Again it is the 21 st century and women work just as hard as men do and therefore no longer have the need to be financially How to keep a man interested when dating on their man. Even if your man is mega loaded and has all the money in the world, you still want to be financially secure yourself.

This burden can take away some of the romance and interest out of a relationship. Keep your man interested and burden free by holding a steady job and being financially secure. You could even offer to take him out on a date every now and again and make him feel special. Men love women who have a steady head on their shoulders which comes back to my point of being mature and motherly like. The more a man feels that you depend on him, the less he is reminded of the love in the relationship.

Be your own woman and confident in yourself and your career ambitions. While it is great to be playful and flirty in your relationship, it is just as important to have an intelligent conversation every now and again too. If a guy can connect with you at a deeper level by having in-depth conversation about current events in the world, your ambitions or anything else then it will hold his interest.

At the end of the day ask how his day which will also help you get to know each other a lot better. You can also ask him what goals he has in his career or in life, without making it sound like he is in a job interview of course. If you see something on the news or in the newspapers and have an opinion about it then tell your man which may trigger an intelligent conversation with him.

It is also good to see whether your opinions tend to differ or are the same. However in the 21 st century, we women are as equals and in some relationships are even the breadwinners. Sometimes the best thing you can do or your man is to let him be the man in the relationship. This may sound like a strange one but it certainly does the trick in keeping your man interested.

This is another case of not handing everything to your man on a silver platter and being at his beck and call whenever he calls or texts you. Make him sweat a bit the next time he calls or texts and leave it an hour or so before calling or texting back.

How to keep a man interested when dating can even do one better and try and dictate when and where you will meet up rather than leaving the control with him. This is also goes towards calling him a of times just to chat. While there is no harm in wanting to speak to your man, you also want him to not feel suffocated or that you may be a bit needy. A good question is if he would lie to see you again. If he says he does but is then cancelling dates then he probably lied which is not a trait you want in a man. You can even ask when his last relationship was to get an idea as to whether he may be on the rebound or whether he is really interested in finding a partner.

The guy you are dating will be really interested if he likes you because he will be in awe of your confidence and self-respect. I made a promise to myself a couple of years ago that I would say what I was feeling or what was in my mind, and not just in the relationship neither. If my friend, mum or stranger looked nice or had great hair I would tell them so.

Anyhow, back to the point.

How to keep a man interested when dating

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How To Keep A Man Interested For Good