Girls with tan skin

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For Thais, white skin and chinese looking faces are the ideal for beauty. Regardless of what the real reasons are, or what my opinion is, I thought it would be interesting to see what the Thai theories are. I spent some time probing the forums and found it to be a common question asked by Thais online. Many of them only posted what they were told by farangs, after asking us.

Those responses were generally accurate in my opinion and consistent among the various forums. Girls with tan skin not everyone can read Thai this will be mainly side-by-side translation practice for the more advanced readers. However, the cultural insight should be useful for everyone. It looks like they are lacking blood. Our Isaan girls are tan with good Girls with tan skin, so they like that.

White skinned people like dark skinned people because they think it looks healthy. White skinned people look overly pale, weak, sick, etc. The Farangs preference, tan skin, looks sexy [to them]. It looks healthy, because farang countries are cold with little sunlight, and those who have the opportunity to sunbathe are rich or have time to travel. People that have tan skin are those who have money to sunbathe in other countries.

My friend in England told me so. My [farang] boyfriend likes tan skin.

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He said that tan skin looks healthy and is good to look at. Those with white skin are bland, like people who are sick. When I tan, my boyfriend cheerfully laughs. In countries where white skin is common, they like dark skin. But right now I have a Japanese boyfriend. Look at Thai men — they only like white-skinned girls, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. The term is only used to describe white people. And another thing, farang have seen white skin to the point of boredom.

Because most people on this world like women with tanned skin, not white skin. Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Tan skin is not healthier since even people with dark skin can look pale and sickly. And healthy white skin is different from sickly white skin.

Many people are also blessed with luminescent white skin. And most of the world does not like tanned women. Korea, Japan, China, India, phillipines etc all prefer white skinned women…. Lol I think many are confused and just giving random answers that are not true. Thai women try to whiten their skin with crap because they think white skin from wealthy family black skin from rice farm Issaan?

I love the way Issaan girls look! Sooay Jung Lerie. I think that Thai women have really shapely bodies. I love all different types of skin tones, but the natural tanned tone of Thais and Malays just looks so sexy to us. Still, healthy skin of any tone is nice too. Part of it I think is the personality too. Humility and equality is sexy. Sometimes, it seems like beautiful women in our own country can just be so difficult, or even arrogant.

I am Girls with tan skin Thai woman of light skin, not dark and I never find a man of caucasian Girls with tan skin attractive. A man of caucasian race is a different race from us, so it is almost impossible for me to appreciate his caucasian look that becomes strange to our world. When I meet a western man of even the best look, I never turn back to see him again, and I feel indifferent to that western man. Unlike other asian men other than Thai men chinese, korean, or japanese of minimum good look, I feel so excited and quickly turn back to see these asian men of good look again again. I am an average Thai woman from light skin race.

There is a wrong belief about the light skinned thai race. Chinese blood is not the ificant whitening genetics of thais. Thailand is a black majority and a white race minority. Thai kings do not marry any chinese blood people for years, We had only one thai king with half chinese blood, and in order to purify our thai blood, this king and his family was killed by the majority of the white ruling class who were descendants of the white mon-khmer and the white Dai Race.

Chinese blood was disconnected. People with chinese blood are not allowed to be our Thai Girls with tan skin. Thai chinese are generally dark and supershort because chinese immigrants who are generally short and supershort hardly got light skinned thai girls whose ancestry is white Dai race of Altai Mountains and white mon-khmer but married dark women of high black race blood. A lot of my friends have chinese blood and have chinese names but they are dark like charchoal, Girls with tan skin they have just one side chinese blood and the rest of their ancestry is black race.

Brown people and dark blown people in thailand have white genetics from the white mon khmer and the white Dai race and their black ancestry is the negro race with very think black skin. My friends and I have no chinese blood, but we are light skinned girls and our white ancestry is a mixed race of the white mon-khmer and the white Dai race some of us have with some black ancestry and we are the smallest in.

Our some black ancestry is a remote blood. I went to china twice, and chinese people there Girls with tan skin to speak with me in chinese, not in chinese, misunderstanding that i was a chinese girl. In fact, I do not have chinese blood, and my white ancestry is the white mon-khmer and the white dai race and I have some black ancestry so my eyes are bigger than east asian women.

A lot of chinese immigrants fail to win seats for the 1 Thai unversity. A lot of them do not have prestigious jobs but just small merchants. Most of the super high IQ students are the light skinned race without darker chinese blood, and they are descendants of the white mon-khmer and the white Dai race. This is because their mother is the daughter of the Dai Race people, and their later ancestors did not marry any chinese blood people.

Their chinese blood is remote and inificant. Light skinned Thais with chinese blood is low, while dark people with chinese blood is vast, and light skinned thais with white mon-khmer blood and white Dai race are the highest.

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Chinese immigrants are thaitified and were forced by our thai army to speak Thai instead of their chinese language and they are generally short. I do not hate chinese people, and chinese people are really short in general. Many chinese women who are generally short in Thailand even like to marry western men while the light skinned Thai girls with white blood of the mon-khmer and the Dai race who are generally tall almost never date any western men.

Most of Thai Girls with tan skin dating western men are generally dark skinned and very ugly. Thai Language Blog. Thank you! Please check your inbox for your confirmation. You must click the link in the to verify your request. Posted by palmisano on Jul 17, in CultureIntermediate For Thais, white skin and chinese looking faces are the ideal for beauty. Tags: beachdarkgirlshealthyskintanThaiwomen. Keep learning Thai with us! Try it Free Find it at your Library. Share this: Share. Don: Tan skin is not healthier since even people with dark skin can look pale and sickly.

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Ol Grey: Thai women try to whiten their skin with crap because they think white skin from wealthy family black skin from rice farm Issaan?

Girls with tan skin

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