French oldies music

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Popular French Music — songs. Have you wanted to listen French oldies music French music but never knew where to start? The Top French songs y ou must hear complies a vast array of popular French music in one place for your listening convenience. This huge list spans several genres and the music is sung by a myriad of artists. Every song is worth a listen. Here is a playlist containing all of the YouTube videos. Cosmo — Soprano Youtube Video Link. Alors On Danse — Stromae Nuits Fauves — Fauve Sur Ma Route — Black M. Juste Une Photo de Toi — M. Pokora Youtube Video Link. Blizzard — Fauve Youtube Video Link.

Pokora Manger Du Sable — Luce Il Y A — Vanessa Paradis Ose — Yannick Noah Je Suis Un Homme — Zazie Jalouse — L. Enjoy the list? We have 50 French oldies music popular French songs on the next to facilitate the loading time of your. What a fantastic list! It inspired me to cover some of them. Versions that respect the old arrangements to the fullest, but are easy to the modern ear!

Take care in these difficult times.

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I am looking for the song I have seen on youtube regarding the man picks up the citrus flower and ask a little girl to give it to the girl that he loves. Could you please give me the name of that song? Thank you so much. I think the singer was a woman. I would love to know the name of this song and who the singer was, and to find the lyrics!

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Thank you, anyone who knows! Hey, I remember from years ago, I watched this video clip where there was a red-curly-long haired woman singing, wearing a green velvet coat. The video was colourful and crowded with other people dressed different like sort of fancy gothic cirques style or maybe i saw it like that with my child brain back then. French oldies music remember it was a french song. I really wish to remember. I am looking for a song, sung by a man, about a mouse and an Elephant. It is a bit slow, Very mellow and calm.

Like a nursery rhyme set to music? Do you remember any of the lyrics in French or in English? I always love a French oldies music to find something! I heard it in French 8, Can you help me find it? Thanx :. I am looking for this song: Male singer, at some point a siren can be heard in the background.

Hello I am looking for a song sung in french I believe. Please help? It is really catchy! It is kind of slow and the melody repeats a bit, but I have no idea what it is. Hello, I am looking to find the awesome French dance song that came out around toit started with a phone call from a girl telling her man to come and find her in a certain nightclub, the music was insanely brilliant and for the life of me I just cannot find this song. Can anyone help, do you know the clip French oldies music He turns up at the club and finds her in the crowd……. The music video was blue tinted and I believe it was a love song and possibly shot in a school?

The only thing I know for sure was the French oldies music video was blue, but I remember loving it and have lost hope of ever finding it because of not knowing any other ificant details. Hi Monica hope you will read this. Yeah they were very popular at that time but nobody semms to care about Team Bs from now on. Like the One Direction to compare with a moste known group :. Its a music video on YouTube. It starts out with a guy Maybe early 40s and a old woman i dont remember what age she was. But she was wrinkly if that helps. I think it was Ben Michel was his name.

Very upbeat and pop. One of the songs starts with counting in french. Someone once told me the lyrics were sexual. Any ideas??? Please am searching for a French song sung by a trio group consisting of a white female,a black male and a white male. The black male did the rap. Thank you very much.

PS: I really cannot remember if the group consists of 3 or 4 members. I remember seeing the music video, it being grey and white, or the background being white and grey.

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Someone please help me if you can. Disagree, the list is for more contemporary music. And Aznavour is great — since you commented, people will now look him up. The guy was asking to come see her but she told him not to. Thank you so much! I finally found it! Happy New Year to all of you.

Lots of love… :- French oldies music think that bagpipe sounds were played in the chorus. It was a cheesy song, but well known. Can somebody please help me find a song in french guess french that i heard on a german radio channel during vacation in Unfortunately the only I remember is that it was a male singer, the song was not jazz but jazzy and there was a super catchy saxophone that appered several times in the song.

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It was a love ballad in French. I was ten when she died and would love some songs to listen to so I can find it. Thank you. I saw this around The title of the song could have been a womens name. It was an amazing track around Hoping you can make an old girl happy! I am searching for a 70s or perhaps even late 60s pop song that I loved. The chorus goes. It had a great pop beat and I simply cannot remember the guy who sang it either. Great site by the way!!

I heard this song way back in so French oldies music song may have been older than that. Could you please help me? Thanks dudes. Really made me dance couple of years ago. A lot of colours in the clip as I remember. Im looking for a song that went something like je suis la paris, je suis la melodie, the music video was shot backwards please help. I think she manages to get out of the chains at the end French oldies music the video by switching places with a mean man.

The song was a soft song sung by a male. Hi there. I saw a clip two weeks ago not sure if the clip is recent though where a guy falls in love with a girl he sees across the park. The clip repeats itself kind of going back until the end where he does not look at the girl and does not fall in love. Can anyone tell me who the artist is and the name of the song? Song was popular in the last 5 years. Who is the singer? I am looking for a music video and song with a french woman with long blonde hair. And a guy a rappet who makes a ballad.

I dont knlw the year but i guess early s. I saw it in French class but I dont remember what it French oldies music called. Rap and hip hope french song. Not sharp in memory. I also think it had a link to football. Hey im trying to find this song that kept showing up on my YouTube for the longest time and I completely forgot who sang it and what it was called, it had like a party feel to it and it was about two people that like each other in school and it had like a scene where the guy singer took the girls camera and made her like a wall of photos or something.

Forgot to write down the title.

French oldies music

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