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Not only do you handle orders lightning-fast, but the orders are shipped at a very reasonable price, in a sturdy, cardboard sleeve. But you already know all that, lol! What you Far side ecards not know, however, is that while I'm a big fan of Avanti cards--and I actually live in Detroit, the home base of Avanti Company--I've still never come across, locally, as wonderful a selection as you provide.

So please except my heartfelt thanks, give yourself a pat on the back Thank you so much.

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I just love these cards, especially at your discounted price. After many years of bringing laughter and smiles to his fans, it was time to retire the cards to that great pasture in the sky and there's one thing we can all agree upon Although it's sad to think that we will never enjoy another Far Side Far side ecards card, we hope that you take a look at some of our funny greeting cards.

Some of them even feature cows and chickens! This is only a tiny selection of the funny greeting cards that we have in our store but we tried to find cards that match the offbeat humor and wonderfully weird artwork that was always found in the Far Side. Shop for Graduation Cards on PaperCards. Description Buy 10 Cards, Get 1 Free!

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The Far Side by Gary Larson For years, the comic 'The Far Side' has brought laughs to readers all around the world and the longevity of the comic Far side ecards is evident in the ongoing life of Gary Larson's work in greeting cards and books. Born in Tacoma, Washington inand graduating from Washington State University inLarson didn't immediately begin Far side ecards. Upon graduation he formed a jazz duo with a friend, but it folded a few years later and he began working at a music store.

He soon realized that this job wasn't meant for him, and decided to concentrate on drawing. He took some samples of his work to the editor of a magazine called Pacific Search in Seattle. The editor loved them, and Larson quit his job at the music store to begin writing comics for a living. Eventually, his work was shown to an editor at the Seattle Times.

During a vacation, Larson drove down to San Francisco with his portfolio of comics. In he approached the San Francisco Chronicle's office to show off his work. This soon led to a syndication contract for his cartoon, 'Nature's Way'. The editors changed its name to 'The Far Side'. The Far Side thrived for fourteen years until Larson retired from daily panels on January 1, At that time, the panel was appearing in more than 1, daily and Sunday newspapers worldwide. Multiple 'Far Side' books have been produced with many topping best seller lists. Gary Larson lives in Seattle, Washington while his imagination lives on in his cartoons.

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Card and envelope are printed with vegetable-based inks on heavy stock recycled paper with graphics on both the inside and outside. Printed in USA. After driving to work, getting her coffee and turning on her computer, Anne realized she'd forgotten her head. About PaperCards.

Far side ecards

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