Erotic massage seven hills

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I believe the staff are late 20s to early 30's. My favourite is Meena, Malaysian Chinese. Works Friday Saturday. Clean and safe. Try 5 Wongala crescent Erotic massage seven hills. First time today Wednesday. Not young. Good massage and good extra services. I do not know about the rest of the week. I was chatting to one of my regular ladies I go to as to how much they earn.

They really depend on the tips for survival. Safe because no BB anything and no FS. There are two massage shops at Best Road. The address is Best Road but these shops are around the corner in George Street. I was in the area, so which shop to try. It is now called "Aurora Clinic" and advertise massage, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and health fund rebates.

I was greeted by mama-san, a mature lady and she told me that they had a young g. Does anybody now what happened to Christine who used to work at 28 Hope St on Wednesdays. Think Erotic massage seven hills name is Tina? Julie is good on Saturday but she must be away, anyone seen the girl that replaced her that answers the phone? Think her name was Tina? Also as a long time customer of 28 Hope st I have to tell you the quality of lady is on the decline again.

Saturday and Sunday has some very ordinary choices.

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KC and CC have been leaving the running of the place to their employees as they continue their business expansion in the City and Bondi Junction. I have started going elsewhere. Hi guys. Went overseas for work and now I am back. So decided to visit 28 hope street yesterday. Surprised Nicole wasn't there. I asked them when she worked, didn't Erotic massage seven hills an assuring reply. Does anyone have an idea when she works. I have read a lot about hope street. Can anyone suggest me a good lady on Tuesday and Thursday.

I have off on Thursday and next Tuesday so I wanted to visit the place. Thanks in advance.

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Hi can anyone please help. Planning to go to hope street in the evening. Called them up to find who is working. Tina, Nicole, Sofia and another one did not get the name.

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Experts please advise who should I take. Your help will be appreciated. I want to go to hope street on Sunday. Can anyone suggest anyone nice. I mean Erotic massage seven hills wise. Hey Erotic massage seven hills is this the same Jojo who works at Hope street working at Johnson avenue as well. If yes that would be great. She is really good. I think KC might have been the 4th name that I missed out.

I am not sure who she is. Have you met her. Is she good. Happy hunting and punting. Johnson ave has some good girls there. Jojo gives a great service. The receptionist that works on Saturdays works sometimes. She is nothing to look at but gives a fantastic body slide happy ending. Was KC working at hope street today. Gday guys. I had a chance to visit hope street today. Called up before going. Was told that they have Jenny, Ana, Jojo and another girl but I didn't get the name.

I booked an appointment with Jojo for 45 mins. Guys let me tell you it was wonderful. A very very energetic girl who wants Erotic massage seven hills please you. A decent massage and an equally decent and wonderful HJ. I will definitely visit again.

I read about Thursday and will surely visit sometime. Happy hunting. Has anyone tried the place at Lalor park J. Hi Angus I am really sorry for asking things in public. I didn't intend to put anyone into any sort of trouble.

Sorry again. Also buddy I do not work for any council. I am being honest. Whatever the girls do is up to them. I have no intention of getting them in trouble with the boss So its up to you!!!! For all I know you work for the Council. Hey Angus do you mind throwing some light on the services of the ladies on Thursday. Also how was the service of Lisa. HeyKeith ,yes I have seen Lisa, and always have a good time.

I am lucky to live local and have seen girls on every day of the week. KC has a very good roster at the moment. Hi buddy Angus thanks for the update. I will definitely go and see JoJo. It's sad that she works only on Tuesdays and it becomes very Erotic massage seven hills for me to get days off on a Tuesday.

Have you tried Lisa on Sunday. If not give it a go you won't regret. Do you know any other places where there are other nationalities as well. Mate she is good if you treat her well. I have never watched her give me the HE cause she always puts her pussy on my face.

She loves the tongue if you are good at it. She is a short, heavy set girl but good at what she does. Tuesday is J day Jojo or Jen are value for money, Jen just takes a while until she gets to know you. Have you tried Thursday? A smorgasboard of delights, depending on what you want, they all have their special talent. I just ring the bell and see. Hi guys I went to 28 Hope street on Tuesday. Saw Jenny. The door was opened by a sweet thai girl. Asked Jenny who the other girl was she said Jojo. Has anyone tried her. If yes please let me know how was your experience.

I thought that this site is for you 18 and above. What is this 10 year old kid doing. Admin make a note. Well David. If you go to Blacktown, you'll see plenty of Somalians. At Westmead, there is a large Indian community. Hi fellow punters will someone be kind enough to let me know as to where I can find some African and Indian girls in Western Sydney. Sorry if it is the wrong place. Can anyone guide me as to who is the lady to be tried at johnson avenue lalor park.

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On a Saturday if anyone knows please advise. Yes bro I went there. It's been a while.

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Met a thai girl Jenny. Well nothing special to mention. I had been there on a tuesday and she said she works on Tuesday and Friday. She was ok with most of the things. Like sucking and all. Let us know your experience dude. Its next too the shopping centre and petrol station.

Erotic massage seven hills

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