Dr oz relationship advice

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We take a peek at the private lives of Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa.

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The handsome year-old Dr. Mehmet Oz -bestselling author, TV personality, and renowned heart surgeon-struts into the studio for his SHAPE cover shoot and greets his wife, Lisa, 48, a mother of four and herself the author of a bestseller, with a kiss and a tight squeeze. The spark of excitement between them is palpable even after 26 years together.

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Their parents introduced them when Lisa was in college and Mehmet was attending medical school. They dated for six months before deciding to tie the knot, and got married two and a half years later.

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If, like us, you're asking, "Can this marriage really be so storybook perfect? So whether you're looking for love, starting the first blush of a romance, or in it for the long-term, their time-tested advice will help you build a better partnership.

Focus on the Positive Lisa is the first to admit that the yellow brick road in the land of Oz has had its bumps. Remember Dr oz relationship advice you love about your spouse, not what irritates you. The positive side of that is I love how open and available he is to other people who need him. Take Charge of Your Own Happiness "Still, it's important to remember that no matter how much you want to be with each other, you can't satisfy all of your partner's needs," says Dr.

For years I wanted Mehmet to work less and play with me more," says Lisa.

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After initially blaming him for her own boredom, it finally dawned on her that she had to create her own bliss. If you want him to be more romantic, be more romantic yourself. In other words, light your own damn candles!

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Share Your Passions Living a healthy lifestyle was something the couple bonded over from the get-go. A Dr oz relationship advice since she was 15, Lisa incorporates brightly colored, plant-based foods into every meal she makes. Oz, who eats fish and poultry when he's away from home. To get their four kids-Daphne, Arabella, Zoe, and Oliver-excited about exercise when at a young age, the family invented the Oz Olympics, which highlighted each of their abilities.

That's how we spent many evenings when they were little. Lisa knows how to push my buttons. She doesn't do it on purpose, but it happens. Then we fight and make up. Get Physical And that's where the sex comes in. Oz begins, " The Ozes strongly believe Dr oz relationship advice keeping the home fires burning brightly. In fact, says Lisa, "that's a perfect metaphor.

It's much harder to reignite a flame once it's dead. You have to make intimacy a regular part of your life. Lisa says six, but who's counting? Besides the pleasure factor, says Dr. Oz, "sex helps you live longer. It's been scientifically proven that twice a week equals three more years of life.

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Dr oz relationship advice

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The secret to my year marriage? Lots of sex: Dr Oz's advice reveals how he keeps the spark alive