Diya aur baati hum latest written episode

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The Episode begins with Sooraj and Sandhya have an intimate moment. He says we took time did you forget our time. He says there is no age to love. She asks him to see his age, its time which he accepts his age by heart; then he will be happy. He says in which publication is it composed, that there is an age limit for love.

She calls him old.

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He says I will reveal I m not young or young. She runs to the bathroom. He says till when will you conceal in the toilet. He sees his pic with Sandhya and believes did I grow old. Sandhya scrubs worries are thinking and her face what did this occur. Sooraj says we looked like children before and viewed their old pic, but we got young, but Sandhya says we got old.

Sandhya comes Diya aur baati hum latest written episode him. She says I m pregnant. Golu and Misri look on. Golu thinks mumma is preparing as if she is going to a marriage, and my friends tease me that she looks like the jewelry store. Meenakshi asks to leave the shop; I am going to come and see my son dancing. He goes. Misri requests Meenakshi to wear light jewelry and any light saree. Meenakshi asks why I have to show off; then I will be complimented by folks.

Misri says it will not look to wear saree that is costly in school function. Meenakshi asks her not to get in this and go to sleep. Om was treating her, I got to understand this when Purvi got aware yesterday. She sees the door and recalls the secret passage. She sees cupboard kept at another side. She opens the room and gets shocked seeing the storeroom.

Inspector says there is nothing, no medical items, are you talking about this in senses. Emily says yes, I forgot that they can go to any extent to conceal their offense, they are brilliant than I believed. Inspector says for giving a statement is she forced by. Emily says listen to me, I m not lying. Inspector goes.

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She cries. Sandhya says I m … that is pregnant. Sooraj looks at her and grins inquiring is this a joke. She says we are going to become parents. She reveals him test. Meenakshi looks on and says this Diya and Baati Jodi did this, Bhabho says there is certain age to have. Bhabho taunted Daisy and to love, and now Sandhya is giving good news.

Arzoo says Sandhya was requesting me to take a step ahead, and you took the step ahead while giving me lecture. Emily tells Maasa and Om that you both kept when the secret was out now, and Purvi caged hidden her. Om requests Maasa to go and rest. Maasa goes. Emily weeps and says truth and trust would be there if you understand its meaning.

You deceived me and asked me to trust you. Arzoo tells Sandhya that Chotu fought with me. Chotu says she began. Sooraj says, but we did that. Arzoo asks what do you mean. Sandhya says it Diya aur baati hum latest written episode maybe we did wrong, we should not put pressure on you, take your time. Sooraj says she is saying right. Sandhya believes its not our age to suggest them; we should do things fine first.

She worries. Precap: Sandhya goes and hears Bhabho telling Daisy that preparing for children should be done more or less withing ten years of marriage. Sandhya said my marriage came to finish 12 years.

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Diya aur baati hum latest written episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th May Written Episode Update: Sandhya talks about Childrens