Dating posh guy

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Cradled in the political arms of Boris and D-Cam, while we sleep under the Cumbersnatch and Hiddlestone stars, new film The Riot Club is yet another reminder to us all that posh prevails.

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What you really need to do is get your hands round some top-class pedigree bum. He still has these in his underwear.

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For this sort of posh boy, middle age sets in by about 12 so by his early 20s, an untucked deterioration will be well underway. Really posh people have a LOT of secrets. If you thought your burgeoning family resentments and your Daddy issues were exotic, think again.

Got a bit squiffy on the vintage. Shot his own foot off.

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Terrible shame. Except perhaps girly giggles when they discuss your cleavage loudly in front of you. Your old school-er communicates almost exclusively with his friends through homoerotic sporting rituals and really aggressive back-slapping, which gets harder Dating posh guy he gets older. These guys are too fat to play sports, so they have dinners about them instead. Occasionally you will be invited to a black-tie sups where everyone wears different coloured ties and plays a game you cannot ask the rules to.

If you suspect this game is racist and sexist you are probably right.

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Civil rights were better in the empire, anways. Mummy runs the whole show and lives to entertain. She can make 70 cucumber cups in a minute and would put you to work in her kitchen while judging your wife skills, so whisk like a fucking trooper. When loose in the wild, this kind of posho is more obnoxious than Dating posh guy ever imagined a human being could be. These guys are all about the lash, the gash and the bants. A more preening, chanting, anally-fixated type who would do a poo in a club and then try and patronise the bouncer.

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Travel to the East of London and you will discover an altogether more pernicious posh boy. These infiltrators rent out their bolthole in Sloane Square to pay for their guardian warehouse in Hackney and their ketamine habit. He will almost certs have christened himself with a self-consciously casual nickname like H-bomb when his real name is Hugo Bonaparte-Pedley.

This well-bred little monkey is all about rejecting his roots. Less because his rents are terrible people, more because his chubby jolly hockey sticks sister really gives the game away. The chaos — he had to get out of there, man.

No two people are more confused by Dating posh guy tortured narrative than his parents themselves who continue to invite him round for Sunday lunch and pay his phone bill. His drug dealer stoically tolerates this because he is a very loyal customer.

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Dating posh guy

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