Cannabis purple stems

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Seeds undergo imbibition swelling when exposed to water. The process of imbibition is important to the plant since it encourages seedlings to emerge out of the soil and View Full Term. Q: "My cannabis stems are red and purple.

Is this genetics or is there something wrong with them? The most common reasons for red or purple stems are geneticstemperature fluctuations, light intensity, and stress. When red or purple stems are due to genetics, the plant will otherwise perform and appear healthy. Cannabis purple stems are a wide variety of cannabis genetics in circulation and many of these varieties can produce purple or red pigmentation.

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If an indoor grower Cannabis purple stems experiencing red or purple stems due to temperature fluctuations, he or she may need to adjust the temperature of the dark cycle so it does not get more than degrees cooler than the lights-on cycle. Recurring temperature fluctuation in an indoor garden can eventually lead to more serious humidity related issues. Read also: How do I get my cannabis leaves to stay green 'til they are ready? Light intensity is another reason a cannabis plant may display red or purple stems. When a stem is exposed to direct, intense light, it Cannabis purple stems develop red or purple pigmentation.

If light intensity is the cause, the stems that are lower on the plant farther from the light source will usually appear greener. The coloration under intense light is a natural plant defense mechanism that provides the plant further protection from UV light. Indoor growers who use LEDs or lighting systems with an abundance of UV are most likely to experience this phenomenon.

Lastly, red or purple stems can be a of plant stress. Unfortunately, there are many different stress-related issues that can cause discolored stems. Also, nutrient deficiencies, whether caused by nutrient lockoutissues with pH, or lack of essential elements, could be the culprit.

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The key is to look beyond the pigmentation to Cannabis purple stems if there are any other tell-tale s that may help pinpoint the problem. I hope this answers your question. Keep on Growing, Lee G. Read next: Should be transplanting my cannabis plants into larger pots in order to have them continue growing through the vegetative stage? Lee G. Lyzit has been involved in the cannabis industry for nearly 20 years. His passion for natural healing motivates him to learn as much as he can about the miraculous cannabis plant.

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Cannabis purple stems

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Do your cannabis plants have purple stems? Find out why