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Club drugs have been an interesting topic for me ever since I started watching Drugs, Inc. A concern that I have addressed in my research the type of club drug I will be focusing on which is MDMA or more commonly known as ecstasy. Another concern was the type of media that I will use to back up my future thesis which is digital media. The types of digital media I will be using is music, TV, and Can t seem to find molly the use of ecstasy in society especially in the case of young adults like college students. I can use music as great way to back up the use of club drugs in the popular media.

Two examples of music and the use of club drugs are Clarity by Zedd and Molly by Tyga. The song Molly also illustrates the use indirect advertising by talk about the use of molly, which is the street name for ecstasy. Another concern I have addressed is the time frame in which I will be focusing my blog on. The time period I have picked is the last 10 years. The reason why I picked this time frame is because EDM music has gained a lot of momentum since in the United States.

Also I feel like it would be easier to find more current articles in the media about the use of MDMA. Category Uncategorized Tags:.

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To start, your title was so intriguing and blunt, it caught my attention immediately! I think this topic is definitely an interesting one and a prevalent issue in our society today, so I think Can t seem to find molly a good idea that you decided to do research on this. I loved that you decided to narrow down your time frame, I think that it was a very smart decision since the use of drugs changes all of the time, as well as the perceptions on them.

I think it is also smart to focus in on the media because I think that is what made this drug so popular. Incorporating those lyrics from the song by Zedd was also a unique way to show how music can portray negative messages to their listeners. The one advice I can give is to try to find how this rise in EDM music has influenced the use of drugs or triggered this momentum.

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Hii Nina, Thank you for commenting on my post you were the first one!!! It was definitely meant to grab attention and draw you in. I think narrowing the time frame to present day will be very useful in research for future blogs. I will definitely look into the rise of ddm here in the US and how it has influenced drug use. I think that will be something I cover in my next blog because thats a very crucial part of the argument Im trying to make.

Hey there GiGi since I can officially call you thatI purposely chose to comment on your blog because I love you and you told me earlier that no one commented on it yet, so I decided to be the first one. One thing I would like to see you add is how listening to certain kind of music or watching a TV show can influence the use of drugs.

So, a question for you would be: Are there any kinds of studies that have proven an increase on the intake of club drugs due to certain music genres or TV shows? I think it will be easy for you to find a lot on this topic because Can t seem to find molly is such a common issue in the media in this modern age. Everything is broadcasted on TV or the internet, especially when it comes to drug use in teens or celebrities.

With love, Colleen P. Thanks for commenting on my blog post I knew you would. I will definitely look up studies for my next blog, because thats probably a way I could take my research paper in that direction. And thank you again for the article hopefully I will put it to good use in the future. ByeBye gurl: Gianna Duncan.

Gianna, Hi! I think its really cool how you bring up that nowadays the media links the two, even though that may not be true take me for example. I liked the fact that you used actual examples of songs that promote the drug culture in EDM and hip hop, because a lot of times the mentions are subtle and can often be overlooked.

I think in Can t seem to find molly next blog you should try to interview kids around campus to see their opinions. Great job and I look forward to reading more! Heyy Sofia, Thanks for commenting on my post. I definitely think its a good idea to interview kids around campus and get there perspective on edm music and about the drug molly. I also think that theres a lot more research that I could do on the topic and i definitely will in future blog post. I like that you also go to ddm concerts so you know what and how the culture is at the concerts.

Gianna, I was immediately intrigued by your blog post due to the effective title you chose to pair with your topic. I thought that it was very smart of you to address your concern dealing with the time period because times change and so do the activities that people partake in. For example, during Woodstock, people were liberated and felt eager to express the way they feel about society and music by getting high on hallucinogenic drugs like LSD. In our current generation, it is clear that EDM is a music genre gaining momentum that has kids raving- both literally and figuratively.

At these raves, kids will take just about anything that will get their heart beating just a little bit faster. MDMA is the drug of choice amongst our generation because of the amount of dopamine that your brain releases while on the drug. MDMA has taken the place as the social lubricant amongst teens at raves instead of alcohol.

This is because alcohol is a depressant and MDMA is a heavy stimulant. Molly and ecstasy are some of the most highly demanded drugs now a days, but are also some of the most dangerous as well. I think that you could have maybe gone a little bit deeper as to why MDMA is so popular and why it is gaining momentum. Overall, the topic that you wrote about is one that is very relative to our generation and I felt like you did an excellent job with your blog. Heey Spencer, Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I definitely see what your saying in me picking a certain time period and thank you for noticing it.

Time definitely affects the kinds Can t seem to find molly drugs and the type of music.

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Edm is definitely gaining momentum in todays culture. I will in the next blog go into why MDMA is so popular. Also in my blog I put in a hyperlink that goes into a little detail about why edm is becoming so popular. This was a good first post! Maybe next time you can take advantage of the blogging platform a little more and give your readers a bit more of your personality.

Aside from that, your post was interesting and informative. I found an article that might interest you about MDMA. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Can t seem to find molly

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