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Inwe learned about conflict, the importance of emotional connection, and intimacy. We also interviewed people like Amir Levine, Stan Tatkin, and Scott Wooley to help you learn how to fight better and lover better too. Sexually happy couples are emotionally attuned to each other inside and outside of the bedroom.

Making sex more intimate and romantic is really about being vulnerable enough to share your sexual desires, focusing on intimacy over orgasm, and building a deep understanding of what turns your partner on and off. A research study that followed couples for 13 years discovered that the 1 predictor of why couples split was not how often they fought, but how emotionally responsive they were to each other.

Think Best relationship articles conflict as an inflammation from the virus of emotional disconnection.

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In every moment we have three choices in how we respond to our partners. We can emotionally connect with them and deepen our relationship, or we can disconnect from them. The choice is yours.

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Every couple has what Dr. Gottman calls an Emotional Bank. When we turn away, we make a withdrawal. Just like a real banka zero balance is trouble.

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An Emotional Bank grows when partners make more deposits than Best relationship articles. Happy couples form different habits than unhappy couples do. When we are no longer open to getting to know our partners, we are no longer open to a relationship or receiving love.

The illusion of a committed relationship is that we know our partners completely. The pursue-withdraw pattern is one of the more difficult patterns to step out of because it activates our deepest fears: being abandoned, and being controlled.

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In this interview, Scott Woolley explains why this happens and how to turn things around. Everyone has withdrawn from a relationship when we felt hurt or fearful of saying the wrong thing. This pause allows us to get creative about how to solve the problem.

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But consistent withdrawal is toxic. Most romantic partners do not understand the profound impact distancing Best relationship articles on a bond. As Dr. A secure relationship is actually about doing the small things that make the relationship more secure, such as being consistent, available, responsive, reliable, and predictable.

This keeps a relationship calm and stable. We all do. How couples handle conflict resolution is what separates the relationship Masters from the Disasters. Every relationship is presented with certain emotional tasks that partners need to accomplish together. This comes down to attaining a rich understanding between partners.

A relationship needs this understanding in order for both people to feel safe and secure in it.

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Here are four common challenges couples face, and practical advice for addressing them. With love, Kyle Benson. I look forward to sharing more effective advice with you in I help people intentionally create a meaningful relationship.

How Chronic Stonewalling Imprisons a Relationship. Make Your Toxic Relationship Healthy.

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Best relationship articles

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