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Queer Awareness Days takes place annually during the last two weeks of April as a way to increase visibility of LGBTQ issues at UC Berkeley, engage the campus community through educational events and campaigns, and celebrate everything queer! Questions: Contact David Surratt, dsurratt berkeley.

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Special Thanks to Multicultural Community Center for hosting this forum. This workshop explores the awkward relationship between queer theories and histories in the contemporary academy and politics. Starting with the importance of thinking queer it focuses on the possibilities opened up by shifting our definition of queer from a position to a process and from a mode of sexual selfhood to a set of critical practices.

In the first instance I suggest these ideas as a point of critical engagement with the burgeoning historiographical and Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck literature in LGBTQ studies. Yet I am more interested in how thinking queer enables a move beyond the thematic constraints of sexuality studies. How might a queer historical practice elucidate social and cultural formations that engage issues of sex and sexuality occasionally, tangentially, and sometimes not at all? What happens when we think queer about subjects which cannot be subsumed into LGBTQ identity ? In certain contexts and as a temporary historicizing operation perhaps the time has come to both think and not think about sex.

Event Contact: ctrbs berkeley. Marisa at mboyce berkeley. Produced and Directed over a period of eleven years, seven of which were full time, by Aishah Shahidah Simmons, an incest and rape survivor, this award-winning, internationally-acclaimed, groundbreaking feature length documentary features riveting testimonials from Black women rape survivor stories who defy victimization.

Violence prevention advocates, theologians, sociologists, historians, anthropologists, and other leading scholars and human rights activists provide an interdisciplinary context with which to examine sexual violence in African-American communities.

For info, contact ambrosio berkeley. For disability related accommodations, please go to access. And we Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck all relationships: friends, romantic, sexual, community, etc! Come build tools to critically analyze how race and white privilege are factors when white people are in relationships with people of color, particularly how white people can be cognizant and able.

ENVISION supports the development of anti-racist practices and can serve as a supplement to social justice work in other spaces on campus.

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We welcome participants who are already actively involved in such spaces, as well as folks who are new to social justice work and interested in these conversations. Come out, and play with puff paint to make t-Shirts to represent your sexual identity! And to increase queer awareness during queer awareness week!

Our panelists are in various forms of non-monogamous and poly relationships will share their experiences navigating the waters of polyamory, and will take audience questions. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month we will be hosting an intimate discussion about Transformative Justice as an approach to addressing sexual violence.

Dinner and beverages provided. California's first public school Plurisexual and Ally group. But whats a plurisexual? Also known as a non-monosexual. Examples of plurisexual sexualities may identify as but are not limited to bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, heteroflexible, and homoflexible. Contact Sylara at sylara. Come bid farewell to another semester with the Queer Gr at our final happy hour of the year!

As you may know, Henry's offers beer by the pitcher, and due to a generous donation from an anonymous alumnus, both the usual appetizers and the first ten pitchers of beer will be on us. What better way to celebrate the start of summer than with free Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck Sponsored by the Graduate Assembly. Henry's is an ADA accessible location. Open to all UCB grad students. Thank you to everyone who are ing us to celebrate the end of another year at Cal and bid farewell to our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer graduating seniors, graduate students, and allies.

Graduating students receive a rainbow tassel no charge. Speakers will be chosen based on service within the campus or off campus LGBTQ community, cogency and invocation of memory. We also value a diversity of speakers thus consideration will also be given to the communities the applicant brings to hir speech. Please prepare your remarks to be no longer than min. Questions: Contact Billy Curtis tcalatberkeley gmail.

Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck is a group that seeks to address the spectrum of gender and gender expression, especially for students, staff and faculty who may identify across the transgender spectrum at UCB. us for conversation, community, and resources! Director Byron Hurt, former star college quarterback, longtime hip-hop fan, and gender violence prevention educator, conceived the documentary as a "loving critique" of a of disturbing trends in the world of rap music. He pays tribute to hip-hop while challenging the rap music industry to take responsibility for glamorizing destructive, deeply conservative stereotypes of manhood.

Critically acclaimed for its fearless engagement with issues of race, gender violence, and the corporate exploitation of youth culture.

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What's affirming? What re-produces harm and oppression? Contact studentmovementPSR gmail. For readings and inquiries, Katrina Dodson at cssc berkeley. Event Contact: cssc berkeley. The climate and the landscape for LGBT communities have evolved dramatically over the past 25 years, a Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck period that overlaps with the span of my career as a researcher so far.

I will use my own career path to highlight some of those changes, to discuss some of the difficulties and the benefits of being a LGBT academic, and to look forward with some recommendations on achieving further progress. The evening will consist of storytelling as well as discussions unpacking the deep silencing and shaming QTPOC sex workers face within our society. We hope to explore the taboos and myths surrounding sex-work, the lack of visibility of sex workers on campus and imagining a world and campus safe and thriving for QTPOC people within the industry.

So us in an evening full of dialogue, exploration, and healing! Contact Benji at benjidelgadillo berkeley. De Sidere 7 is an experimental work that interweaves performance, dance, poetry, storytelling and text to reflect upon aspects of desire. De Sidere 7 is conceived as a videocontemplation: a formally plural, multilayered composition intended to be experienced as an integrated whole. The event will be of tremendous interest to faculty and students in cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, media studies, and queer studies.

Event Contact: csas berkeley. Since Septemberthis casual noontime gathering is popular with staff and faculty throughout the campus. with long-time colleagues and make new friends. Newcomers are welcomed by veterans typically in a ratio of one to three, so none need feel Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck odd person out -- and all may feel comfortably queer and out! The cafeteria makes it easy and economical to grab lunch or bring a discreet brown bag. In a grand historic setting, congregate around the long wooden tables adorned by tasteful rainbow flags.

Sometimes our s have taken Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck a goodly portion of the Great Hall; other times, we enjoy more intimate small groups for wide-ranging conversations and schmoozing. It's all good fun. CKC will be hosting a survivor-centered program on the topic of sexual harassment and sexual violence on May 2. The program, entitled Healing Voices, will include several short presentations of spoken word, monologues, and dramatic performances.

Anneliise Rehn : anneliise berkeley. This conference is free of charge and lunch will also be provided on Saturday. You may also request free housing provided by our volunteers. Everyone welcome! Running time 13 minutes. Contact Marisa at mboyce berkeley. Newcomers to the campus community particularly encouraged to attend! The goal of the event is to mix up students from various majors, student organizations, housing communities, friend groups, etc! Come out to our first ever Queer Open Mic! People will be reading or performing stories, poems, experiences, tumblr posts, etc.

Feel free to share something you have written or something by someone else! Our conversation will focus on developing sustainable tools to have those conversations and help others understand that anti-racism work in an ongoing process. Everyone encouraged to participate, regardless of experience with dance, queer community spaces or flash mobs! Come have a dialogue with members of our community on campus!! This event is open to the public and we encourage new people to come hang out with us!

In creating a safe and brave space for queer identified students of color at UC Berkeley, we come together with our commonalities and differences as a form of self-love and self-care. Hey everyone. We're still working with Thalassa to figure out the best location for our group but check for updates we may be in the back of the bar. Looking forward to seeing you all and catching up.

If you have any questions feel free to contact wiloutreach bsc. mboyce berkeley. Same-sex marriage is a very visible issue right now, what are other critical issues affecting LGBTQ communities? Contact cici Ambrosio at ambrosio berkeley. Come QSA for our general meeting! It all started with the questions: How do we use fashion and how we dress to share our stories and experiences? From the time we wake up and dress ourselves, what is it that we are both intentionally and unintentionally telling others? How are others reading us based on our personal style? From there followed a photo campaign for folks to share their style on a daily basis as well as a fashion show happening Wednesday, April 24 from pm at the Multicultural Community Center!

us for an evening of fashion, dialogue, reflection, and expression as we present the Threaded Souls Project Fashion Show! If you want to get involved or have Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck questions, you can reach Darrin and kristin at threadedsoulsproject gmail. Keynote: John A. If you have questions please contact jbazzini berkeley.

Events Queer Awareness Days. Queer Awareness Days. See below for a sample of years' event line-ups! Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Sponsor: Center for South Asia Studies Film Synopsis De Sidere 7 is an experimental work that interweaves performance, dance, poetry, storytelling and text to reflect upon aspects of desire. De Sidere 7, Video, Running time: 38 minutes The event will be of tremendous interest to faculty and students in cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, media studies, and queer studies.

Running time 13 minutes Questions? Read excerpts from "God of Vengeance," a drama about a love affair between a female sex worker and a rabbi's daughter. View clips from classic Yiddish films,including "The Dybbuk," "Yidl Mitn Fidl," and "American Matchmaker," a Yiddish film about an elegant and eligible bachelor who can never seem to close the marriage deal.

We'll follow with a discussion about queer representations in early twentieth-century Yiddish film and theater.

Asian hottie at thalassas on shattuck

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Queer Awareness Days