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A member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, she has published widely on sexual mores, women, and family issues. Li also runs a popular blogwhere she has advocated for same-sex marriage and loosening restrictions on homosexuality, orgies, and sex in literature. In the s, she studied at the University of Pittsburgh, earning a Ph. Recently retired, the sixty-two-year-old spends much of her time on the Shandong coast. I visited Li Yinhe at her country home outside of Beijing, where we discussed some of her work and current projects, including two unpublished volumes of short stories about Anal sex in china.

Li Yinhe: During the first thirty years of its rule, the Communist Party was anti-sex. So studying sex is controversial. Even today, my views get a big reaction online. People attack me very strongly. Even in my current book, the section on laws about sex was eliminated. I have said they should get rid of laws against orgies, and the reaction was huge. Recently a twenty-four-year-old young woman from Beijing wrote a sexually explicit novel.

She sold 80, copies online and was arrested. It was considered pornography. The sentence was light but she still got four months of detention. Advocating against this is not okay. There are two main criteria for banning books or censoring. One is black and one is yellow. Yellow is sex. My latest academic project is a book that will be published later this year called Sexual Discourse in New China. You can see how the rhetoric has changed about prostitution or toward AIDS, or how the Party has viewed pornographic literature.

So love—how could you talk about such a petit bourgeois issue? Right, exactly, these issues were considered small and petty, even evil. Later on, toward the end of the s, after a period of peace, you could write about love but sex was always taboo. Then after the reforms of the s it was okay to write about love and sex, Anal sex in china how much was allowed? There were many discussions. For example, you could write about it with humanity, or softness, but not in a wild way. I met your late husband, the novelist Wang Xiaobo, a year before he died in I was struck by the fact that his novel The Golden Age translated as Wang in Love and Bondage discusses sex quite explicitly.

Did you talk about this issue much? Wang Xiaobo wrote about sex in a very direct way. At first it was very difficult to Anal sex in china. But then when he won a prize in Taiwan it was published here. We talked a lot, of course, and he supported me a lot.

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Is that a realistic goal in China? The attitude toward homosexuality in China is not as absolute as in the West. During the Song dynasty there was a law against homosexual prostitution, but not against homosexuality in principle.

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Chinese view it as purely a physical desire. So from this point of view, homosexuality is not such a problem. I read a survey of attitudes about same-sex marriage in about 10 to 20 percent thought it was absolutely no Anal sex in china and 10 to 20 percent thought it was absolutely wrong. By contrast, in the United States, 47 percent were in favor of same-sex marriage and 43 percent were against. But I think this view is slowly changing. The main hindrance is there are no rights groups.

In the West, you might have members of parliament or prominent people who are gay or lesbian and they can raise the issue of same-sex marriage.

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In China, no one raises Anal sex in china issue. A couple of years ago, the Chinese press carried sympathetic stories of a same-sex wedding. Everyone in the village was out to help them celebrate and photos circulated online. In It was one of the first laws promulgated after the Communist takeover.

Why do we have to be at the forefront of it? Are official attitudes toward sexuality also a reflection of earlier Chinese traditions? I would divide Chinese sexual history into three very broad eras. Male and female together was a good thing, especially if it led to having children, because in traditional Chinren were so important. The second phase started around the Song dynasty The state began to emphasize purity and looked at things more from a perspective of virtue. There was a sense of antipathy toward sex.

This period continued through the Qing dynasty The Qing were quite anti-sex. Under the dynasty, prostitution was not illegal. But starting in the Qing, officials were not allowed to engage prostitutes. Then inwhen the Communist Party took over, they forbid it. The pinnacle of this era was the Cultural Revolution Women and men mostly wore the same clothes and sex was almost purged from public view. The Anal sex in china era is the start of the reform years [beginning in ].

New ideas were introduced as well, such as sexual rights. It started in the s, when all people—male or female—were asked to participate in the workforce.

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Not always. They stayed at home, gave birth to children, and looked after the house. But starting in the s they had to work. That helped their status immensely. This is quite different than not earning anything. This was amazing. It was really high by international standards. In the US around that time, it was just 60 percent.

In the s, for example, the ratio of women to men at university was one to three. In fact, some universities have had to reduce admission standards for men to maintain some sort of equality—because women study harder than men! In the past, managers were all men. Right now they would be banned. Best of The New York Review, plus books, events, and other items of interest. us [ protected]. But some Chinese see flaws in the authoritarian state. Ian Johnson Anal sex in china the Stephen A. He is writing a book on counter-histories of China.

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Anal sex in china

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