A guide through the american status system

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Back inFussell—author of the renowned book The Great War and Modern Memory —argued that although Americans loathe discussing social class, this relatively new, rugged country of ours did indeed have a British-style class system, if less defined by money than by that elusive quality called taste. I picture him in rumpled tie elbowing his laughing-head-into-her-hands hostess while he gestures breezily with a glass of chardonnay—white wine itself being much classier in than now. Literally no stone—or soapstone—goes unturned.

Indeed, this novel is such a teeth-gnashingly precise class almanac, that Tolkin should surely replace Tom Wolfe as our modern-day high-society-anxiety chronicler at least of the West Coast variety.

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Tolkin is particularly hard on his people, wealthy Los Angeles Jews, a variation on the American upper class with their conspicuously consuming Hebraism. At a bar mitzvah at a Reform synagogue that shares a driveway with Milken High named deftly not for Michael but for the brother :.

Their ethos or at least the ethos of those who aspire to Upper-Class Gentilehood is lovingly enshrined, for instance, in Vanity Fairwith its wide-eyed revelations from the dusty alcoves of Kennedy history and obsessive detailing of the summerings, winterings, and fallings of obscure Eurotrash. Magazine reading for Middles, though moving the goalposts in from both coastsis best defined by the literary output of staid airlines such as Southwest, Delta, and Continental as opposed to the more edgily cosmopolitan JetBlue and Virgin.

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Roger that. In descending order of coolness are:. Graduated from prestigious school, never bring it up unless asked—then as joke. Graduated from prestigious school with honors, bring up quickly, no irony. Graduated, have become garish, cheerful head of alumni booster committee. Fifty is the new 36! I obey no clock!

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But wait! This is not the brand-new Ramones T-shirt sported so conspicuously by needy soul-patched ish alternad at the Silver Lake dog park. If you actually bought the black Ramones tee the year it came out, the lettering will be so faded as mine isyou literally cannot read it. It looks like a linty rag.

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So there. As Fussell puts it:. Some something mom friends and I thought the way to drain the pagan power from Burning Man would be to set up our own Jenny Craig camp there. And, if we get child care, we will! Sadly, though, rebellion is not the outlier stance it once was. This is particularly well articulated, I think, in an L. Children: Asia and Lennon? Charity itself is complicated when one hates to admit that one rules. Although old-school WASP s might tinkle their G-and-Ts while hosting an annual spring benefit for The Poor, the creative class will throw a star-studded fete to combat a politically fashionable disease, with celebs relaying anecdotes about personal frailty as detailed in their candid new addiction memoirs.

They can be rich and feel vaguely anti-establishment at the same time. At network-TV meetings, millionaire something comedy writers see how low they can go with torn jeans, T-shirts, and grimy Red Sox caps, while the only guys in coat and tie on the lot are the Honduran valet parkers. That grimy baseball cap ifies Harvard Lampoon alum, which opens the door to Hollywood comedy riches, A guide through the american status system a process that can seem, to the uninitiated, truly bewildering and mysterious. What will best fire the small talk, and the resulting intimate connection, that invigorates the start of a pitch meeting?

Mets cap? Cubs cap? Yankees cap? What if you went to UC Davis instead of Harvard—are you not as funny? What is the right note of irony to apply to your hip-hop speech, given that you are, in actuality, suburban, 33, and white? Oh, yes, the newfangled Xs now have not only the money, but also the anxiety. When I see those TV commercials of silverback Baby Boomers sprinting with vintage surfboards toward ever-higher-yielding money-market funds, I feel both Boomer derision and a gnawing dread that my own funds are not similarly accruing and in fact they are not—but maybe, to offset the losses, Brian Grazer will option my book?

In the relatively affluent post—Cold War era, the search for self-expression has evolved into a desire to not have that self-expression challenged, which in turn necessitates living among people who think and feel just as you do. In the past, U. Counterintuitively, an over-clustering of A guide through the american status system people in one region is not always a social boon.

Citing the research of the political scientist Diana Mutz, Bishop shows that, startlingly. Inthe research of Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Aloneshowed that the correlation between the health of civic culture and the affluence of the local economy was actually negative; the highest-tech cities tended to have the lowest rate of civic connections.

Post a notice on Craigslist! I t will be interesting to see, now that the apocalypse has arrived, how various modes of American status-striving will be rejiggered, particularly those predicated on amassing large amounts of debt. Or to those highest of High Proles called pimps. That really is financially viable only for the real upper class to wit, not the millionaire but the ten-millionaire or more. The first tower to fall, for middle-class families, will be that fiduciary meritocratic yoke, the expensive education.

All I had to offer was babysitting. By contrast, the life of the High Prole may start to look reliable, and good—have you seen what plumbers make? Can your Ivy League—trained nephew do that? But perhaps these times of hardship will see a return of the true bohemian, as in the days when the Left Bank was actually squalid.

Surely now the honestly eco-conscious will lead a bold return to—gasp! Speaking of which, even the self-actualized may not be able to afford the heady liberation of divorce. Get the Rick Warren tapes out!

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Enlightened women may have to stay not just married but in for the night—what with restaurants being so unaffordable, home life will be all about the hearth, the candlelight, the guitar and not a vintage Les Paul. Time to inculcate not those self-satisfyingly hip and rebellious values—innovation!

Out with the grungy baseball cap cheap on its own, but not so thrifty when accompanied by those other accoutrements of formerly affluent hipdom—the iPhone, the rain-forest-safari vacation, the richly appointed LEED -certified house and in with the dowdy JCPenney suit.

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The Xer is dead. Long live the burgher! Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe. Torahs dressed in embroidered covers and silver breastplates stood on the branches of a sculpted tree behind a sheer curtain, like expensive boots in a winter window display. The function of cities had changed. Certainly, well-educated Americans see themselves as worldly, nuanced, and comfortable with difference. Education also should make us curious about—even eager to hear—different political points of view.

The more educated Americans become—and the richer—the less likely they are to discuss politics with those who have different points of view.

A guide through the american status system

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